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    Hey all fellow jingle dancers, this is my first time here and I am also very new to this whole computer thing so please bear with me. I am quite excited about talking to other dancers and have a question that I would appreciate some feedback on. I've noticed that many Jingle Dress Dancers wear their feathers quite differently, some down and some straight up. also some wear the down feathers while some wear the regular feathers. I would be interested to know what and if there is any tradition on how a Jingle Dress Dancer should wear her feather, or is it like so much of other regalia items, in that it all comes down to personal likes and choice.

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    Hey, I wear a plume straight up and one on the side. :)


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      oh geez we can really open a can of worms on this topic! NO ONE MENTION IMMITATION EAGLE FEATHERS! People get mad.......


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        I would appreciate your comments.
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