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long or short sleeves or "changeable" sleeves

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  • long or short sleeves or "changeable" sleeves

    Hello all!

    I am trying to decide between long or short sleeves on a dress with extensive applique work on the torso, I mean extensive! I know the long sleeves are more traditional, but I see so many young girls with the short sleeves in summer.

    My daughters other dress is done with 3/4 length sleeves, I compromised. heh heh

    One thought I had is to cut the top sleeves almost like a vest or sleeveless and then have a lightweight "half shirt" underneath, I can make one with long appliqued sleeves and one with short sleeves, that way the whole dress can have a different look just by changing the under shirt. The undershirt would be cropped, or 1/2, so it would not be any extra bulk under the belt.

    I can edge the applique work on the shoulder in such a way so that the fact it is two pieces wouldnt even be noticed, it would just look like the applique is laying right over the "new" sleeve.

    Has anyone else out there got a dress style with changeable sleeves and do you like it?

    I am wondering about it getting too hot having two layers on the top. I dont want to cook my daughter!

    thanks for any advice!
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    i don't know how old your daughter is but i know that would be great if she is growing. Mom would make my dresses with some growing room b/c i would grow before she could get a dress finished.

    i say give it a try! and tell us how it goes! good luck


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      interchangeable? how ya do that? this is first i ever heard of that...i have mostly long sleeved and some i have for short is about an inch or so above my rist...but i was taught that a woman should never have really short sleeved jingle dresses cuz thats considered to be like flashing yarself to every guy-becca


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        I never have made a jingle dress nor even ever danced..but..I have seen alot of awesome outfits...I have also thought about many ways to make them interchangable.....anyhow....

        u know how they have those pants w/ zippers to make them into shorts...or those jackets with removal sleeves to vests??? Well...

        How about making a jingle dress w/ the zipper....short and/or long sleeve...that would be good for a change....just find a way to hide the zipper so people dont notice it too much....

        what u think about that one???

        Just an idea...if I was to dance jingle...thats what I would do...



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