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  • Beading

    Which do you start on? Your new outfit's mocs, leggings, choker, barretts, or belt? I'm wanting to bead my own set and I really do not know what to start on.

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    snaf, snarf!

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    Usually start a smaller piece first so I can finish it and see how well it turned out and get excited and want to finish the rest.;)
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      I agree with Mato on this one. Starting off with the smaller stuff may help motivate you to get the bigger stuff done.


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        I like to do the leggings first and then the small stuff. I do Mocs last 'cause I hate turning them.


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          Originally posted by ndnmba
          I like to do the leggings first and then the small stuff. I do Mocs last 'cause I hate turning them.
          i totally agree with you! i have a mental block when it comes to my moccassins!! i get done one and then the other sits there for like a month!

          do you sew soles shoes, with tough hide like cowhide...or do you use the softer stuff and wrap it up the sides a little bit?


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            Thanks for your opinions and ideas. I've got the design I want to do on paper. I'm thinking I want to start with the barretts so I can get a feel on how hard its going to be.

            What do you bead on for the choker? I've heard everything from flannel (which I do not think would stay up straight) to crib liner (which I haven't quite figure out what it is).

            Any other ideas would be great!
            snaf, snarf!


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              All the crib liner consists of is a piece of rubber sheeting covered with flannel. You should be able to find it in any baby dept in a store like Walmart. If you use flannel or some other type of fabric, you will need something to make it stiff. Good luck with your beaded set.


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