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    My question is how many rows of jingles are there, traditionally, to a jingle dress. Also, what do the number of rows represent? There is a lot of information out there that is conflicting to me, and I would like what everyone else has to say.

    Ah-Ho (Thank you)

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    On the whole it is up to the dancer's taste and design. Traditionally there are 365 jingle cones on a dress but they can be in any order or number of rows. It can take 250 to 500 jingles for a good dress... depending on the dancers size, taste and if your bending your own cones. Some make their jingles quite large while others like them smaller, slimmer and delicate. Note: that the smaller sized jingles will cover less space. The sound is from the cones touching so the closer the cones are together the better the sound.
    I hope this will help you in your decision process. If we can be of any help, please give us a holler.

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      Not to burst your bubble but 365 cones is a hoax, a made up notion, it's non existent in Ojibwe culture. The very same culture that the jingle dress originated from. There is no plausible reason to have 365 cones on a dress, I don't know who started that whole lie, but plain and simple it's a lie. Please do your research on the dress, some people say the 365 is in honor of the 365 days in a year. We didn't live our lives by a calendar, we lived by the seasons and the lunar cycles. The Roman calendar has a leap year to account for the extra 1/4 day a year, that would mean you have a 1/4 cone on your dress, and you wear a dress with 366 cones on a leap year?? You can have as many or as little cones on your dress as you see fit.
      I'm innocent I tell ya!!!


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        As for the number of rows.. don't get lost in the "meaning" a lot of things have been allowed to be morphed into some new age BS. Contact the one called Ojibway Sweetie she would have good answers for you. Good luck
        I'm innocent I tell ya!!!


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