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  • vests

    i have heard that it is not okay for just anyone to wear a vest with thier jingle dress....anybody got any ideas where this came from and why that is??

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    thats first time i ever heard that...where ya get yar source from cuz i see alotta women jingle dancers wear vests..-becca


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      the girl that taught me how to dance said that she wasn't sure about vests but that not just anyone can wear them....

      that's all I remember her saying...but I made a vest anyways and I love it... i am a "large breasted bird" and wearing a vest sure helps out with that problem while jingling!!!

      Also for my fancy outfit I made a vest style yoke and it seems to have helped with my issue too....

      i was just wondering if anyone else heard that because i don't want to be out there dancin my butt off looking like a turkey and breaking any jingle codes or anything!


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        ya know i would go with yar heart...this persona could be from a different nation than yars...nations do things differntly i would consult maybe an elder about this or soemone from yar own nation....this girl could be jest giving ya false advice who knows...personally i dont see anyproblem with not wearing a vest i see jingle dacners go with wearing it so first ask and then go ahead and make one...dont let ppl give ya any hard time cuz their teachings are different than yars...its like ppl saying if ya dont dance right then yar doing it all wrong...everyone knows that not all jingle dacners dance year im gonna make a beaded vest of my own i think they look pretty snazzy expecially when its fully beaded or fully fully quilled is just plain gorgeous ya know?-becca


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          for my fancy outfit i got a vest type yoke too. i never heard ne thing like that b4 either. hmmmm.
          i just thought that it was just another style.
          who lives in a pineapple under the sea? man i wish it was me!


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            yeah i kinda think that girl was just trying to be an afficianado because I was a newbie dancer and all know trying to scare me a little with jingle rules...whatev....

            i would lovvve to learn more about quill work. I have a humungous bag of quills here and I think I know how but I am a little put off by squishing them inbetween my teeth....a lil germ phobic over here....*L*

            i was actually really pissed at my man once and I grabbed a peice of fabric and tossed it at him...and wrapped in the middle of the fabric was this bunch of poked through and stabbed me so went like almost an inch into my thumb!!! It was one of the worst pains....worse than a paper cut!!!!


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              meetmeinthegarden, just be careful if you ever get around to putting quills in your mouth. I did that one time and almost ended up swallowing a quill. Thank God it didn't go all the way down my throat.


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