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    Neebing WhiteEye
    Rowena Roberts
    Rolanda White
    I haven't seen her in awhile but Jenny Jones use to be one of my favs.

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    Duanna LaPlante!!


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      I put your name up there too SasneStylez.;) :)


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        Willow Jack:chief: :blow: :chief: :blow:


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          I Have To SAY...

          Thea McCloud
          Paula Shebala...LoL
          Sissy Gopher
          AJ Whiteplume
          Kayla Johnson
          Jovi Pachceo....Spelling
          Willow Jack

          There Is More....List Goes On....


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            really really really good dancers my favorite dancer one else.........

            i would say that the best jingler is michelle etsitty and kelly etsitty...they r really good at every style and really good in the rez....
            other dancder that r good....
            jovi Pachceo...spelling
            willow jack
            candies mcabe
            bj mcdaniels
            acosia leighten
            and usrlorua kuinuho
            WHAT ever U are BE pround OF what U are!!!


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              Willow Jack
              Bj McDaniels
              Candice McGabe(SP?)
              AJ Whiteplume


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                Top Jinglers

                1. BJ McDaniels
                2. Acosia Leighton
                3. Ali Denny
                4. Willow Jack
                5. Kendra Redhouse


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