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  • New to this... need some tips

    I'm new to this site, but thought this particular area would be a good place to ask a general question.

    I wasn't raised at powwows as a little girl, but started going in high school and college with friends of mine. (And yes, I'm ndn... well... mixed anyway-- Tuscarora.)

    Anyways... I quit going to powwows for a couple of years because I ended up getting settling down, staying busy with work and then I ended up married and now have a baby boy who is my life.

    I want to get involved again because I want my son to grow up with it. I already am working on a little fancy outfit for him so he can start as a tiny tot, but I'm considering starting to dance myself-- Jingle... even though I've never danced powwow before.

    I feel pretty confident about being able to learn it, but I have to be honest that I'm very nervous about jumping in this game here in my late twenties.

    I want to do this so I can participate along with my son-- I always wanted to dance before, but I was just too self-conscious to give it a shot.

    I guess giving birth did away with most of my inhibitions. LOL

    ANYWAYS (yes... I'm longwinded) do any of you ladies have any tips for me... an old woman of 28 (LOL) starting out in the world of jingle dancing?

    (And I welcome any advice from any moms who have tips for starting little ones out.)


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    jest get out there and dance and have fun...if someone pulls ya over and says ya aint ojibwa so ya can t dance this style ...let the person go through one ear out the other cuz ppl got the right to dance...-becca


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      Hey you are never too old to start dancing. I am going onto 33 and this will be my first year dancing in the Jingle Dress category. The best advice I can give at this early stage is to practice, practice, and prepare. You will not be the only nervous first time dancer. ;)


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        Have you checked out the full circle jingle dress video? That would probably be helpful as well. I haven't danced jingle in a while & am working on getting rid of my excess weight. You also might get some tapes of just jingle songs to practice to. I've been having fun with Tha Tribe's Mad Hops and Crazy Stops. It's not all jingle (there are two side step songs), but I figure the crow hops will help to get my legs back in dancing condition and will help me get rid of my weight......just about 34 lbs gone since last April. Does anybody know of some good current cds of jingle songs to practice to?


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          blah blah blah....


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