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  • New Regalia for Princess

    Help Me
    I will be running for Jr.Miss TitleIX for Halifax County soon and.,
    I need some help on a new jingle dress regalia Anyone have any ideas or designs or something that will say wow look at that jingle dress Please reply because I can't think of anything.:dontknow:
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    here's an idea..for the last jingle dress i had ....i had alot of fringe chainette
    on mine and got alot of comments on it...
    also if you know how to do some ribbon work on it too
    just make sure that it isnt too flashy...and keep things simple too
    ive seen alot of jingle dresses that are way way too flashy( which makes a good topic)
    ...use your imagination and jotting ideas down or even designs on paper
    wouldnt hurt would give you a visual aide more of less...
    by the way with the fringe keep that simple too ...too much can make
    it too outlandish(just my thought others may disagree because its on personal
    ...with designs go with your own nations designs...
    maybe if you have a flower pattern you might wanna do that instead of
    geometric...just to keep it simple..
    and with belts if you know how to do quill work you might wanna stick with
    all quill work ...these are just thoughts:D


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      I won !!!!!!!!!

      I won Jr Miss Title IX for Halifax County 2002-2003!!!!!!
      Proud to Be an American Indian

      Haliwa Saponi Indian Tribe#1


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        Congradulations! Pictures,pictures!
        Don't ever stop dancing


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          :clap: :clap: :clap:


          I would love to see a picture of your dress, too!
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            :Thumbs :clap: :bouncy:
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              You did it!!!

              :D :dancer: :1Party: :mrking:
              SHAKE IT!!!!


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                Hello Jr. Miss Jr.Miss Halifax CountyTitle IX,

                Well, juss wanted to say, Congratulations. I wish you all the best for the upcoming year. Have a ton of fun and keep on smiling!!

                I agree with Hidatsachic... a nice simple dress would be nice. I have seen some jingle dresses that are way too flashy. "A little goes a long way." If you wanted to match the dress with the crown, I think blue would be a nice basic colour.
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                  :Flash :Cooler :bouncy: :Music: :rainbw:


                  Saw a Jingle Dress dancer this weekend with beaded fringe on her dress and leggings.

                  Just a thought:)
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                    If you got some pics, please post them!
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                      Cool we need to see some pictures girl!
                      :p Your First and Last Love Is Self Love! :p


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