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  • Lakota Style?

    Alright ladies I got a question...have you ever heard of Jingle Dress dancing-Lakota Style? I've heard this a few times and I have no idea what it means...or what is supposed to be different about it. So if any of ya ladies know...please...fill me in! :D

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    Never heard of that. Jingle Dress is Ojibway style from the beginning and always will be forever.

    Although many other tribes dance in our dress, maybe it is just a "saying". I dunno.
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      I have heard this term. I was told that the Ojibway and Lakota's have had a close relationship from way back. Sharing different things with each other and therefore were able to survive. I was also told because of some of this sharing, the Ojibway gave the Lakota the right to dance the jingle dance. As to the particulars of that I don't feel qualified to answer. I'm sure some of the elders around you could answer this for you. ;)
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        That's what I've always said too Sweetie. Had some guy asking me if I jingled southern style. I about died laffing.:Chatter :p JK JK, I just couldn't believe someone would think there was that style of jinglin, like they didn't know about it's history.


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          There are many many Ojibway Reservations throughout Canada and the United States. A lot of 'em! So, I don't know which "ojibway" gave the right to lakota to dance jingle. However, I do know there was no right given by our people here.

          Kwe, that is the first i've ever heard of southern style jingle. *LOL* wow.
          "Gaa wiin daa-aangoshkigaazo ahaw enaabiyaan gaa-inaabid"


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              It is more in keeping with the "old style" jingle dance instead of the contemporary. It's side step is really graceful and nice to watch but from what I hear is a killer on calves and ankles!! That's just a couple of things. I'm hoping someone will jump in here.

              and here in the states... Lakota country is by no means... ahem... SOUTHERN !!! :rofl2:
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                Hey hey now, Kwe Zee KNOWS Lakotas are as northern as us Ojibs are. I was actually talking about a southern dude, as in Oklahoma southern. I should have stated that, sorry.:devil

                Maybe they say Lakota style cuz they put their "spin" on it.


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                  Originally posted by Witchy_Woman
                  I heard of that too and I was like "what the?" I thought it was from our tribe? Anyone know? And how would you dance Lakota style jingle anyways?
                  Freal huh? Would that be like me saying..." I dance southern cloth, Ojibwe style" ?

                  And Mato...If "Lakota style" is supposed to be old style...then it should just be old style...after all it started with Ojib's...or maybe "Ojibwe style". Not trying to be rude or a smart a$s....that explanation just doesn't make sense to me.


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                    I was told that our (Lakota) women had Penny Dresses at one time, but those started fading out when the Ojibwe Jingle Dress started making its way across the Plains.

                    But as far as Lakota Style, yes every time a dance style gets adopted into a certain area there will be footwork and handmotions that "mark" that area's/people's own "version" of that dance. When a dance is brought into the powwow circle, most people take that to mean it is now "shared" with all tribes. Right or wrong. As another example, I was told by a very experienced grasser that he can watch other dancers and distinguish Lakota-style, Blackfeet-style and Yakima-style grass moves.
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                      I like that explanation. I agree.


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                        Yep I agree too, kinda like how those girls crow hop I guess.. during side step.


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                          I can only comment on the outward appearance that might be considered Lakota style. My sister was told by Teresa Iyotte of Rosebud, South Dakota that one hand was to hold an eagle fan with a red scarf attached and the other hand was for the purse. This is proabably one of the attributes that could be considered Lakota style because nothing else was mentioned that differed from the true Ojibwe style. She didn't mention Lakota style jingle dance steps or jingle dresses.


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                            Lakota stylin

                            Hmm..don't know about the lakota style of jingle dress. But as a lakota I guess we put our lakota style when we dance jingle. That is my 2 cents...but I think we know that it does come from the ojibway, but our beadwork is lakota..too. But I haven't heard that term..also the dress patterns are lakota..
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                              i agree wit wakalapi....but yea i guess we do have a lil crow hop or watever i wouldnt kno lol
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