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    Jingle or Fancy Shawl Which one would you stick to and why.I am having a hard time on deciding wheather or not I want to be a Fancy Shawl Dancer instead of Jingle.:Angel2
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    Well for me it's a very spiritual thing. I waited six years to have my dress made for me, I was told then when I was ready it would come, and finally this spring it arrived!

    I am along my healing path, and I belive to keep what I have been so freely given, I have to give it back to the people who are in need. I live to dance, and I dance to live. I know I am using someones quotation on that, but it really sums it up!:) It helps me to dance, I feel free, and love the sound of the drum and the jingles on my dress.

    I felt a "calling" to dance jingle, ever since my first pow-wow. I do not take this lightly even to this day, I am very proud to be able to dance jingle. I consider it scared to dance, and try to "walk the talk" when and where it pertains to being a "true" jingle dress dancer.

    I hope this helps you!

    As for the fancy shawl, I dont know if I could ever compete like that, it took me long enuff to get my steps for jingle, so I see that far off in the future if ever*l* I am happy with what I have at the present.


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      Myself I have stuck with Fancy Shawl. A few years back I asked to dance jingle. I was given permission but after a serious discussion I have yet to switch.
      I was told certain things that keep me from taking the commiment to jingle dress lightly.
      I have a lot of people ask me if I am going to switch to jingle after I have my second child and I always tell them no. For me personally, I can't yet imagine not doing fancy shawl even though I will admit it is harder to keep up but hey I'm not ready to switch just yet.
      You have to decide for yourself. But if you are wanting to switch to jingle for something easier, from my expierence it is just as hard as Fancy Shawl.
      They both require lots of leg strength and endurance!
      Good Luck!
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        Hi - I agree with it being spiritual and within yourself, your reasons for dancing to begin with. I danced fancy shawl for 14 years and then went through some hard times in my family for about 5 years. After I started to heal from these times I decided that I myself needed to change and grow as I was growing spiritually so I asked permission to dance jingle. As far as one being harder than the other, I think they BOTH require alot of stamina and strength and I teach aerobics LOL!!
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          Please pardon my ignorance....

          Who do you ask to dance jingle? I've heard around the Three Fires nations, that the jingle dress dancers have to have a dream. (I got your reply, Riverwoman, thanks)

          I've not heard of asking for permission to dance jingle, so I'm just curious.

          For the sake of this thread, my daughter dances jingle, but has asked to dance fancy shawl, too. Some sources say this is acceptable, but others say that once she has accepted the responsibility to dance jingle, that she must continue to dance jingle. I guess they think that she's not serious about jingle dancing if she wants to sometimes dance another style.

          thanks in advance for your input.
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            What I was talking about goes along with what you are saying Native Mom about sticking with jingle and being seriously committed to it. I'm sure evrybody has heard different ways to go about doing jingle dance. When I asked permission it was more like asking someone who knew more about the dance than me what it was all about. What they told me is between us but it made me think more seriously about just switching to jingle.
            I've been up north and I have also heard about having a dream to dance.
            I'm not from there and my tribe didn't originate the dance or Pow-wow's for that matter, I just try to be respectfull in dancing. I thank God that I am able to dance and that my family is able to participate in this way of life.

            OK. does anybody want chips with my cheeseness?
            Before you attempt to beat the odds, make sure you can survive the odds beating you!

            Why do some people bother breathing when you know their brain isn't getting the oxygen?


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              no chips please, as long as you don't whine either.
              i've also heard all the different stories of how one goes about dancing jingle, mostly i think(and i'm no expert) but it mostly pertains to the area you are from as to how you go about dancing.
              my tribe is not a pow wow tribe, but i did start dancing, but i went into southern cloth, one being as southern as i am, plus my tribe is southern, and my tribe also has a certain type dress also.
              so i just used items from my tribe.
              jingle is a northern dance - therefore if i ever decided to dance jingle(haha) i would find someone of a northern tribe who dances jingle and go from there....
              Well will wonders never cease.....


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