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    I'm not sure where to post this question. So i'll just ask it ~ So the gals who have some years under there belt as Jingle Dress dancers can maybe help me. I have a year to finish all my little details and everytime my mom talks about dancing I'm happy but i get all these "butterflies" about dancing. I'm old enough to not be afraid~ but man it's been a long while. How the heck do i keep from having the "jingle Jitters' LOL

    Thanks Lee

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    thats perfectly normal...jest relax and have fun ...dont think when ya dance cuz i find most dancers that think about what next step their gonna do...they tend to screw up more...if its the crowd ya have probs with idunno jest try to not look at them or picture them in their underware(wait a min!!!) okay maybe thats not the best idea there*lmao* but jest relax and dont be tense things will fall into place...-becca


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      LOL! Sounds like me. Ive been practicing for yrs. now but have yet to put on my dress. Ive made three so far. This year I will finally break it out. I am sooo nervous. I have had a great mentor though (Keith Colston.) It will work out fine. ;)
      Life is more than what we see...


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        Oh you make me laugh......ok so you know when i start I'm gonna be laughing to my self.....I'll just have to think of what you said laugh about "underware" I guess that will be the ice breaker so to speak LOL..... THanks Lee


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          Don't worry, I know what you are going through. When I practice (this will be my first year dancing), I try to imagine myself during a competition with all the sights and sounds. So by the time I hit my first pow wow, I will be more prepared. Visualize!


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            wow...thats so weird....mybest friend sunshine and i was talking about this the other day....She dances jingle and im tradish. WE was talkin about how we get the "jitters" the first round of comp. but than maybe two seconds into the song you become relaxed and just go with the flow. and the same will happen to you. DONT WORRY
            blah blah blah....


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              I Always Get The Jingle Jitters Specially The Day Before & Days A Pow Wow Is, I'm Gettin Them Right Now Cuz I'm So Bored Without A Pow Wow...LOL! I Just Been Trying To Keep My Mind Off Of It..School Takes Up Most The Time!


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