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beads on mocs and leggins

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  • beads on mocs and leggins

    I just wanted to ask what type of beads you are using on your mocs and leggins like size and type. And do you choose the colours matching youre dress or iscan the be different?

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    I use 11/0 beads, and currently i'm using matte beads not to fancy but i want them to match my dress and similiar design. I have heard from friends that dance that --some people that don't use similiar colors looks well kinda off and odd. Hope that sorta helps. :Wave


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      thank you so much firecloud of course that helped!!!;)


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        for my mocs i use 11/0 french seed beads usually in white, wine red, and black...for my leggings it all depends on wether its baby crib liner or buckskin...if its buckskin i keep with size 11/0 french seed beads... and if its cloth(crib liner) i use a mixture or bugle beads/size 13 cuts...if i want something less flashy i use size 12/o french seed beads and mix with a size 14 or 16 czech...but i find that bugle beads there tends to be less work involved-becca


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          it'd be kinda dumb to have beadwork and then dresses that dont match at all dontcha think :Chatter

          newayz i make my dresses based on my beadwork and im not using the same color everytime cuz its nice to have a change know what i mean??

          when you're beadwork has more colors you can have more dresses that will match with your beadwork
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            usually i know a couple colors work well....white , black purple and red....whats really nice when ya mix a lighter blue with a darker blue in your beadwork....but shaylnns right ya gotta accomidate yar beadwork with yar jingle jest makes things look nicer...and forget that imported junk...i know some ppl cant do beadwork but why buy imported beadwork when ya can at least pay someone or family members to do it for ya.. i dunno but imported beadwork looks too hobbist to me..-becca


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              well who wants to do my beadwork?:Chatter :Chatter :Chatter ;)
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