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Jingle Dance Give Away Questions

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  • Jingle Dance Give Away Questions

    Hi folks,

    I've come with questions about proper procedure, etc., during a give away. We didn't understand that we were supposed to do a give away when my daughter started dancing more than a few years ago. She had someone who talked to her about the dance, gave her materials toward making her dress, and taught her how to dance, but the give away was not mentioned.

    Because the material side of this past holiday season was so dismal, we decided to focus on the future. We spent the holidays planning a give away to celebrate her upcoming highschool graduation and in honor of her dance (the give away we never had). We've decided to hold a "dinner" rather than do the give away at a powwow since the only powwow in the area happens before graduation. Her "gift list" is lengthy and includes people who have inspired her in school and in her dancing.

    We've never seen a give away relating specifically to jingle dancing. We've been advised by a friend who's offered to bring a drum and singers that we need to check into the appropriate songs. We'd like to correspond privately with someone who can talk to us about them. Our friend does not know the songs and has told us that even if he did, he doesn't have the right to sing them. If someone out there can explain to us what we need to do or point us to someone who can, we'd be deeply appreciative. You can email me directly at [email protected].

    Also, another friend in another forum mentioned a "dance out" that involved jingle dancers who have been dancing for awhile. She said she'd heard of the dance out but had never seen one, so we're also looking for someone who can explain it to us. Again, we can converse privately if it is more comfortable for the person(s) who helps us.

    I'm not sure if jingle dress give aways are not happening here at all or are just happening very privately. Most of the give aways we see around here are being done by head staff or princesses and (only) occasionally by the host committee of the powwows. Whatever the process, we want to do things right and teach the younger dancers we're working with the same.

    Last but not least, we'd like to find out what jingle dancers are within driving distance of us and would like to come the give away (it will take place sometime in late June).

    Thanks in advance for any help!
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    I have been told by the person who showed me my first few steps in regards to Jingle Dancing that I am supposed to have a feast to show people that I am ready and serious about my Jingle Dance.

    I would love to come, but awwck am so far way from most everything and good powwows:(

    Who knows maybe I need to move to the US:P


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