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Tips on Beggining Side Steper

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  • Tips on Beggining Side Steper

    Anyone got any tips for me.I just started side stepping last week in my cultural class.All the jingle dancers had to stay longer and listen to how fast the song is and how to side step.Well I got it a little but..........
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    Not many jingle dress dancers know this, but......, I think the side step is the probably the original dance of jingle dress dancers.
    I've heard this mentioned at different places. When a healing dance is requested , usually a side step is done.

    Any othere Jingle dress dancers out there got some input on this?

    I should just shut my yap and let knowledgable dancers fill you in on this.:)


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      LOL I don't think I'm very knowledgeable but I'll share what I got. :)

      I believe Kiwehnzii is right. I have yet to be asked (I haven't been dancing for very long) but from what I understand, the side step is the step used.

      As far as tips.... I don't really know other than to work on your legs to make sure you won't get fatigued real easy. I have to side step on my toes (because of my leg). I guess it's all in preference and what your body can handle. The only thing I can really say is practice and if you have someone close to you or someone that you admire, go to them in a good way and ask for help.
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        Yeah, definitely make sure your calf muscles and ankles are in good shape. If they aren't, it can ruin your form. Next, work on making your movements smooth and graceful, appearing effortless. Then just practice, practice, practice! :) There are very few people who do this step well but those who do sure stand out.

        As for requests for healing, I've been asked twice and neither time was a sidestep song ever called. Of course, I honored the requests anyway. I think its unfortunate that we don't see sidestep done much outside of contests.


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          I'm a Jingle Dancer and have been dancing for years now.

          Side Step: Shift your body weight from the balls of your feet to the heels while Sliding your feet along the floor to the left .This is repeated over and over during the song.

          I hope I have Helped!
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            i've been asked many times and i've never had a side step song for healing. it helps to stretch you calf muscles so that they won't tighten up (i forget this alot) i walk up and down steps alot at college and i ride an exercise bike at home. the way i do the side step is more like a small hopping motion while shifting my weight from the balls of my feet to my heels. down here we have mostly southern drums so the side step songs are slower. havent gotten use to the faster one yet but im working on it. :thumbs
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              I'm from the Great Lakes area (Ojibwe Territory) and this is what is called for on most 'healing songs". I can't say that it is the only one, but is most common. Even the little ones are included to dance.
              Have a nice day!:)


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                My daughter has been asked to dance for healing also (she's only nine), sometimes when she's the only jingle dancer at the powwow. They have never played the side step for her, tho.

                But then, we are probably farther south than Kiwehnzii...

                have a happy... whatever you do! :Wave
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