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Beaded yokes or vests???

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  • Beaded yokes or vests???

    Have any of you ladies tried beaded yokes or vests with jingle dresses? If you have, does it work? or is it just adding more weight to the dress.
    I remember that I did see one a loooonng time ago. She had a beaded yoke with a bear on it. Really complimented her dress and it didn't look out of place.

    Just an idea I have rolling around in my head.:p Don't know if I want to use it or not.

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    I don't think it would be a problem having a beaded yoke or vest
    to go with a jingle dress. In fact, if the dancer danced both jingle and fancy shawl, this could come in handy. All you would have to do is to have a detatchable row of fringes and one of jingles. Then you could get more use out of something that took hours to make.


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      I think the beaded vests and capes look really nice with the jingle dresses. It just adds that something extra. I suppose it would be some extra beading, but I think it looks pretty cool!!


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        I have seen beaded yokes/vests several times and they really look beautiful. Any beadwork will add to the weight, but it is worth the beauty. I made a dress with a cape, but didn't bead it yet. However, it would look great if and when I ever get to it!


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