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  • working on new regalia...

    Hi all....

    I'm working on new regalia for my daughter, and I want to ask a question. We've been discussing designs, and know the dress will be made with the medicine wheel colors. We are trying to be creative in our design, and are considering making the medicine wheels on her dress (hair pieces, leggings...) in the shape of hearts with the colors for the directions inside of the heart.

    My question is.... would it be acceptable to design the medicine wheels in this shape, or would it be considered disrespectful?

    .... I'm trying not to offend anyone, and I certainly don't want to disrespect any teachings.

    I know there is a abundance of opinions and valuable information on this site and I appreciate all of your help.

    Chi Miigwetch.
    I am who I am. No more, no less.

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    I've seen this done before and when time is taken on design it turns out pretty nice, but if you try to rush it and slop it together it turns out looking terribly tacky!

    Byt hey, That's just my frybread flavor!
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      I've decided to not use a "heart-shaped medicine wheel" in my daughter's regalia.

      I know that the circle represents many things, including life. This is why the drum is in a circle, the men sit in a circle around the drum, the women stand in the circle around the men, and the dancers dance in a circle around the drums.... like the ripple effect of water, they all affect each other and are dependent on each other. Since the circle has no beginning and no end, putting it in the heart shape makes the medicine wheel lose it's meaning.... even tho the colors are there, the respect of the shape is lost.

      I know I'm preaching to the choir here. sorry for rambling.

      thanks anyway.... i've already decided.

      I am who I am. No more, no less.


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