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What a good price for jingles?

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  • What a good price for jingles?

    My 9 1/2 year old daughter wants a jingle dress and I think it will do her good. She is 75 lbs now. How many jingles should I try to put on her dress, and what is a good price? Does anybody know of a good online source for them?

    I'm thinking of doing a simple T- dress with a sequined yoke over top. I'm also thinking I should make a kind of "apron" out of the dress fabric that she will wear arond her backside. That way she she can take the apron off when she wants to sit down. Or at least just flip it up so that she can sit without crushing the jingles. How does this sound?

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    The apron design is a good idea especially since little ones grow so fast. The number of jingles you'll need will depend on how many rows of them you are doing. Straight rows going across will use fewer jingles than rows with curves or zigzags. My guess is that you'll want between 75-150 jingles depending on how you plan things out. You didn't say if there were going to be cones on the underskirt or on the yoke or sleeves.

    Its been a long time since I've bought jingles. I've either gotten my lids for free or I cut and roll my own from aluminum roof flashing. Last time I paid, it was from Steven Eagles store, $9 per 100 unrolled. Expect to pay more if you want them already rolled. Look in the Jingle archives for opinions on jingle materials and sources. Some jingles work better than others.


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      Last year when we made my sisters jingle dress we used 350 mini cones. we made a simple skirt then we made an apron for front and back. We made the skirt seperate from the aprons because then when she grew she could get a new skirt and not have to redo everything. :) her top was a yoke that was kinda long (down to about her belly button) then my mom sewed some diamond shapes in at the sholder area of the yoke to give it a shirt shape. she can wear a t shirt, a long sleeve shirt or even a tank top under it and no one knows the difference. we got our cones from a pow wow in MI they were $20 for 100. they were already rolled. Its not as heavy as you would think because they are mini cones, but we had to make suspenders to keep her approns up because she would have danced out of her skirt if we wouldnt have. You can buy already rolled cones from Crazy Crow and they blunt the edges so that they arent sharp.


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        jingle lids

        Hello evry body
        a good web site:
        good price 50$ for 365 lids but they are not turned.

        I'm frensh and I've bought lids there: I've bougth 1 set 1/2.
        I've 280 lids on my dress (I've done a dress and an apron with lids on: it's more practice!)
        kisses for all
        [email protected]


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          Okay.... here's another idea to consider.

          First of all, my friend and I recently went in together to purchase 1000 lids. The total price was $80 from a guy in NJ. (that's all I know about him.) He'll probably sell them rolled, but would charge more. Out of my 500 lids, I probably have enough for 2 dresses, since my daughter is also 9 1/2. It is a good idea to get more than what you need. I keep what I call "Rachel's jingle dress emergency kit". I take it with us when we go to out-of-town pow wows. I have about 5 extra cones in it, a pair of pliers, and of course some needle and thread. I haven't had to use it often, but was grateful for it when i did need it.

          Ok. Now I think the apron is a great idea. I've seen jingle dresses made that way. Just to give you another idea. My daughter's current dress is a one-piece t-shaped dress. I attached cones on the bottom 1/2 of the dress (including along the bottom edge), none on the top (although i wouldn't mind adding some). Under the bottom of the dress, my daughter wears a skirt made of the same material as her dress, that is about 5 inches longer than her dress.

          This way, the bottom row of cones still has the same color behind them, and when she sits down, she can lift just the dress and sit on the skirt, all the while maintaining her feminine grace. ;)

          I'm working on a new one for this season. Learning from her first dress, i am going to make the skirt and shirt out of a 'washable' material, and then make a fancier vest to go over the shirt for dancing. This way, when she's begging for a sno-cone between dancing, I can just take the vest off, and if there's an accident that won't come out right away, I can still cover it up when she dances and wash it after the pow wow. :Idea

          Best of luck to you.
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