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    I was just wondering this. Ya'll know the pictures w/ Indian designs that you can iron on diffrent things , like T-shirts and etc.. I was just wondering if those Indian designs are real tribal designs. Why would they sell real tribal designs to art companies and fabric stores? Are they just made up designs used for decoration? Can anyone answer this question? I know it sounds confusing.

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    Without seeing the actual designs you are talking about it would really be hard to say.
    I can answer you in this way. I have seen actual tribal designs used. My friend is dineh` and we saw some sandpaintings one time when we were out. She said they were actual designs used in a healing ceremony.
    Sand paintings were never meant to be duplicated or saved. So yeah, some people duplicate.
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      That's a good question, Vicki. Some designs on fabric I've seen at places like Walmart almost looked like a Pendleton blanket. The rest of them look like a generic southwestern design, sometimes accompanied by pictures of people or animals.

      The best books I have seen with iron on transfer designs are the books of Celia Totus Enterprises. I believe this is a native run business. The designs are pretty much pan Indian. The other design books I have seen aren't iron on transfers, but some well researched tribal designs. Those books are excellent with a variety fo different designs which are perfect for getting ideas for projects.

      I hop this helps.:)


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