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  • High-Step

    High Step
    I see alot of Jingle dancer's who now dance High Step.Please explain, step by step on how to dance
    that movement.

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    High step? I have never heard of that, not that I can remember so far, but maybe what you are talking about is that some dancers have "higher" footwork, more like fancy shawl, then some others who dance with their footwork closer to the ground.
    I have seen both on the powwow trail, and each dancer has her own footwork/dancework, and it should not be copied, but you can ask for help learning here on this board regarding your footwork/dancework, there are alot of talented and giving people, eh girls?;)


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      What is high step?

      What do you mean? I agree with Riverwoman2000 on the footwork being more like Fancy Shawl. I didn't know that you couldn't copy it. Which kind of song are you talking about? A Straight or a Slide-Step? I know that I see lots of dancers go up on their toes for the slide-step. I thought that was cool but man it sure hurts your calves. I have a hard time doing that for very long. I don't recall ever hearing either of those styles called High Step before. Maybe it (that name) hasn't reached here yet. Who knows. :) I just call the ones that dance more like fancy, contemporary style. The other ones I call traditional. Thats just what I've been told about the foot being closer to the ground. This is all just mho. :Angel2
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      Take care all. See you in the funny papers. :) Or maybe even the next powwow.


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        Are you sure its "High Step" you are asking about and not the "Slide Step"? Just checking....


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          Yeah I'm sure

          Someone was asking about High Step. I thought that maybe they were talking about slide step too. I dance Jingle and Fancy. So i have a little idea about what the slide step is but never heard of high step before. so i was wondering what it was.:dancer: but thanks for asking. :)
          Take care all. See you in the funny papers. :) Or maybe even the next powwow.


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