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Jingle Dress for Growing Girl

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  • Jingle Dress for Growing Girl

    I am making a jingle dress for an 11 year old.

    What should I keep in mind for a girl this age?

    I've got the pattern and it shows variations, but I'm a bit confused.

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    I have a girl around her age. Got to remember 11 yr olds will go through a growth spurt. Mine grew 4 inches one summer. Now that she is 12, she's taller than me, she's even catching up to my shoe size.. She's still growing!!! Hope she stops soon. I can't keep up with the clothes I have to buy cause she KEEPS GROWIN OUT OF EM

    Think of making a dress with an extra large hem Both on the skirt and sleeves, so you could let it down when she grows taller. It will save you in making another dress 6 months later.


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      I would allow a couple of inches in the chest area also. Could be her "blooming" year. :blushing:
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        Another option would be to make an apron style dress. The jingles would go on an overdress which would slip on over the head and tie at the sides. This way you can accomodate a growing girl by only replacing the plain underdress underneath.


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          If you have any helpful pics links of the apron style dress, I'd love to see them. I have looked at a LOT of dresses, but I think some of them may be cleverly disguised because I have only seen one that was obviously an apron.
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            Here's one:

            Apron style dress

            My first jingle dress was done as an apron and it did have one major disadvantage. The front and back flaps of the skirt knock around quite a bit when you are really jamming. I found this annoying and maybe others do to and so that may be why you don't see this style much. Yet when you need growing room, this one has it.


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              I agree that the apron dress is too floppy. To make a dress ajustable, I take up a 2" seam all around the middle of the dress which will be covered with the belt. As she grows, you can open the seam . When that is let down to the max, Add a strip of similar color material, in the same area, also of course covered by the belt. My granddaughter is in her growth spurt, so I made the dresses a few inches wider in the bust and shoulders, taking in a dart or small pinch in the shoulders which can also be let out when necessary. I just hate to see a beautiful jingle dress outgrown. You can also put lace around the bottom.


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                I need one for my 4 year old....i have no clue how to begin with a female outfit...hehe...anyone know anyone...or want to take up the offer

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                  I think I like the adjustable dress idea...thank you very much!

                  Just in time too...the regalia party is tomorrow! Whew!
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