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Beading Ughs and Sacrifices

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  • Beading Ughs and Sacrifices

    Well last night while beading a bird wing (velvet, not like a real bird's wing), I chipped my tooth holding the needle in my mouth!! My hands are looking like mummy hands cause the velvet is white like stark white, snow white and I'm afraid if I use any lotion I'm gonna make spots on it to get sticky and dirt will attach before I get these things done (wait till you see, I'm so excited about this bird right now!).
    So what do you sacrifice or do you have any UGHS about beading?
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    Now that you mention it. I've been beading butterflies and I have poked myself so many times with the needle I might as well be testing myself for diabetes. I just have to make sure I don't get blood on my butterfies.


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      I've poked myself a few times, but not enough to draw blood. What I don't like is that my 12 tri-cuts aren't all the same size, so some beads are smaller than others. Anyhow, I hate when I pick up a small bead, then when i pull the thread back through, it doesn't budge. Soo...when I eventually pull it through, I pull it so hard my needle bends! Other than that, no beading catastrophes.
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        I've chipped my tooth a couple time too, Blackbear. In fact when the dentist was working on another tooth with a rotary file type thing, he went over my front tooth with the thing to smooth it out.

        Does anyone have 'scissor teeth'? A spot where you can cut thread with your teeth quickly? I used to have a good one but it lost it's 'edge'. So I moved to a spot on my canines. Now it's gotten smoother, too. I hope I don't have to move back to my molars! :p

        Geez, and I think I'm giving myself arthritis by the way I hold my project in a 'death grip' with my left hand. What I really hate is when I'm pushing the needle thru with my fingernail and the back of the needle goes clear thru my nail!! Cuz then I've just lost my 'sweet spot' for pushing. Ugh! is what it is...


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          lol @scissor teeth. yeah I use to be able to cut thread and fishing line... not anymore :p

          BB I gotta use lotion. You could go to wash your hands early in the am and use lotion while your hands are still wet, then let them drip dry or use a heavy cream at night to replace the moisture. The mary kay satin hands works ok. I swear the emolient cream smells like rose hair grease (pomade haaaaaaa) mom used back in the day.

          I hate pricking my fingers but what I hate even more is POKING my finger. Talk about pain... but so far (knock on wood) no really big mishaps.
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            omg *lol* @ "death grip" and "scissor teeth" I was just complaining the other day about how sore my forearm was from beading (talk about out of shape)--- fromt he death grip no doubt!!! I shiped my tooth in the front too BB--- was like "dang-it!!!" and then realized it was a great place to cut thread!! *lol* I've done all of the above though-- going through nails and lately, into my fingertips (owie!!). I've been busy beading and my finger tips are all torn up. I had to take the weekend off! I left my beadwork at home and went to see my folks. Little did I know I would be doing more strenuous work at the ranch than at home beading!! *lol*
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              Yeah I can cut threads with my teeth, but I'm too afraid of ruining the work somehow so I don't.. but when I 'm sewing... YUP.
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                now ya can get a shiny cap or a diamond or whatever :D


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                  I am very familiar with the pain of beading. Have you ever had to go through a bunch of layers while sewing something together? Most of my sewing is by hand. Then comes the fun of edge beading. A while back, I was working on a purse made up of several layers. When I sewed it together and did the rolled edge beading, I stuck myself maybe umpteen million times. Now I have calluses where I've routinely stuck myself. I've also torn up my finger tips. How many of you have beader's calluses?

                  I've also held on to projects with kind of a "death grip". What usually happens is that my hands start going numb (almost like that pins and needles feeling) on me. Then I have to stop and shake my hands out.

                  How many of you have had to deal with trying to bead by whatever lighting was available? This problem typically occurs at drum practice. Either I am racing with the sun to bead, or I am dealing with the lighting situation in somebody's house. I just have to work as quickly and carefully as I can.


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                    Originally posted by *-merk-*
                    now ya can get a shiny cap or a diamond or whatever :D
                    Hubby says I got enough diamonds now...

                    Suzizila... sounds like you got carpal tunnel too. I have to shake out my hands, pop my elbows and fingers and roll my shoulders after so many hours of beading. I've also had the light challenge too and just recently until I moved my hallogen lamp. The hubby took over my craft desk for a computer desk so I'm back on the couch and coffee table.

                    Oh the chipped tooth was worth it!! I finished the bird tonight and MAN am I proud of it!!! It's my second bird and it came out SWEEETTT!!! I'll post a pic tomorrow!
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                      Have you ever taken a lantern type flashlight or something of that nature with you just so you would have more light to bead by? I bought a flashlight like that because I was tired of dealing with a teeny tiny light source while camping. It's a nice little light, but it's a magnet for bugs. I would hate to think that some generation x cicadas might be attracted by it. EEEEeeeeeeeewwwwww Yuck!!!!!!! (Yes, they are out in full force.)
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                        LOL never went that far... when I'm camping I'm having more fun burning or melting stuff in the fire so i don't bother to bring beads.. besides we get all kinds of dirty and nasty and rained on so it's just not worth it to bring them.
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                          I have a bad habit of putting the needle in my mouth, can't tell you how many times I've stuck my lip or tounge. OUCH that smarts!!!!!!!!!!!

                          By the way BB BEAUTIFUL bird!!!!!!!!!!!!
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                            i know how everbody feels, i decided to take a break for a while on beading and sewing, my friend is makin a new dress for me and i'm gettin one her old ones..i will be doing all the bead work for it though!..i also decided on my break cuz i'm graduating may 28th!


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                              I've decided I'm gonna do some beadworks sets here after summer is over. But I'm not taking orders for them.. just gonna go on what inspires me and if anyone feels like they should have them as theirs then they can buy them after they are done... but wanting to get some practice in just in case some day I do take orders for them. I'm taking very few orders now... I'll take moc orders anytime as long as they don't want fully beaded ones (I've still not done a fully beaded pair) and this is cause my main ughh lately has been trying to work with people long distant on what they want. And when it's specific designs with no free artistic's sometimes grueling and makes things not only harder but slower. But I've done some work for a few people here in the last year that's been pretty good and fun to do.
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