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what is the going rate for a nice set of beadwork?

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  • what is the going rate for a nice set of beadwork?

    just wondering for anyone out there, who does their own beadwork, or who has bought from others. I have did my own beadwork since i was around 14 and im alot older now. anyways people have been asking me to do some beadwork for them. and i really dont know what to charge. i dont want to over charge but i dont want to cheat myself, cuz it takes alot of time.
    please help me out!

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    I go $10 per hour for the actual beading; the supplies are a seperate expense, I like people to buy their own supplies, so they are picking out their own colors, etc. Always request 50% of the payment up front, so if they have a change of mind about the order, your time will have not been a total waste. Now after setting a price for them; it's your duty to make sure you deliver on time as promised, that's one thing where a lot of people get into trouble and then your stuck with a bad reputation for taking people's money.


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      If I were beading professionally, I think I would charge $10 an hour as well. But, I have a day job and beading is just a hobby. I enjoy doing it and I don't need nor can I afford to keep myself busy beading for myself. So, I take on projects for others. I don't expect to make a lot of money out of it, but I have been able to make a little extra green stuff for going to pow wows or spending on upgrading my own regalia.

      For family and close friends I just charge a little more than the cost of materials. My current beading project is ten cloth medicine bags for my friend's grandmother. The cost of materials will be about $23 per bag and I'll charge her $30 per bag. If it were for someone else, I would take the cost of materials and double it for my final price. In this case, I'd charge someone other than family or close friends $50 per bag.

      I don't charge by the hour for two reasons. One is that I won't feel like I'm losing money if I make a mistake and have to spend time correcting it. The other is that I enjoy beading in the evening while I'm watching TV and relaxing. I like letting my attention wander. I like stopping to play with the dog or to eat some popcorn. So, I may bead for an hour or two every evening, but it takes me 3 or 4 hours total because of all the interruptions -- and I like it that way. I want to keep beading as a fun and relaxing hobby, so I don't charge by the hour.

      Hope this is helpful.
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        a grand and up

        for cuts (any size), rhinestones, quality materials to bead it on, white buckskin for backing (if you use that)

        leggins, moccasins, hair ties, barrettes, choker, medallion, cape (for fancydaners) (this is just basic stuff)
        additonal accessories can increase the price. like cuffs, purse, trailer (for southern galz) crowns, large hair pieces, headband.
        (I'm charging an organization $600 for a crown, (12 charlotte cuts, rhinestones). If they don't pay me (just cheat me out), then I already have another buyer for it.

        charge less for opaque beaded items with no rhinestones and like items. but no more than 900---I'd say.

        example: I traded, leggins, 1 barette for feather, hair ties, moccasins for 2 star quilts for 10 year old granddaughter. this lady charges NDN prices for $400.00 each for a star quilt. (wink wink). I used opaque beads and it was a nice simple pattern.

        If you are a good beadworker and can make excellent patterns and designs you can charge a hefty price and people will pay for it.

        After all, a person is judged on what thier regalia looks like too--no matter what others might think. the sparklier, fancier the better!! oh yeah I forgot they are judged on their dancing-ha ha. JK!
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