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  • How much wouldyou charge?

    I just got a job for a fully beaded men's traditional vest. He wants the full front and half the back beaded but I don't know what to charge. A lot of people tell me that I charge to little for my stuff so I thought I would get some ideas on pricing... one person said $700 while another said $2000...what do you think?
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      I have taken orders for vests. For a vest with front beaded panels I charged $1200 for one and have gotten $2500 for one of my other vest with front beaded panels. But for a vest with front and back fully beaded I'd charge about $3500.

      I try to keep my prices low, too. But you can't short yourself because a lot of time is put into getting a piece like that done.

      You will probably put two to three hundred dollars minimum into beads alone. Then if you will be the one finishing the piece you will also need to consider the cost of materials for that as well. Depending on what you use to finish the piece that can be expensive, too.

      My last vest was a fully beaded front/back vest. When I took the order I thought it would be a piece of cake and I'd have it done in no time. But that project felt like it drug on and on. In reality I only spent about 4 months working on it. I bead in the evenings after work and put 3 to 4 hours a night into my projects and usually devote my entire weekend to beading especially if I am trying to get a commission piece done.

      I do trades, too. So sometimes the trade is a factor in my pricing.

      Hope this helps.


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        There are many factors to consider. The size of the beads you're using, the intricacy of the design, the amount of time you'll spend on it, the material for the vest, the quality of your beading.

        I hate pricing my work. It would be nice to have a web site showing beaded items and other things, and how much they sold for. Then you could compare and adjust your prices.

        One of my friends only sells to white people and she charges a LOT! She makes orders for ndns, but then trades for things. That works out better for her and she doesn't have to feel bad about charging local people her high prices.

        Last week I took a workshop in production sewing. The teacher showed us how to price out our products. Add all the costs of materials, don't forget thread and needles, even wax! Add the cost of your time and she gave us a sheet that ranged from $5.00 an hour to $20. Add your overhead usually 10% for things like rent, lighting, etc... THEN you could add a profit margin if you want, otherwise you could consider the cost of your time to be your profit.

        You also have to consider what the market will handle!! Confusing??!!!? We sure were. A lot of the things we priced out could not be sold around here for that much!! I priced out my grandson's grass dance outfit and would have to charge $200 to make a profit. No one around here would pay that much for an outfit for a 2 year old.

        Anyway, good luck! is what it is...


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          that does help with the pricing of this piece but I just he goes for the price I am going to charge him but it does take a lot of time! I just finished my one year old nieces fully beaded fancy dance outfit and charged her dad $400.


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            I would say for an adult-sized vest, charge a minimum of $1000. Of course, there will be variables to consider but I think that is a good estimate. I am working on a fully beaded front/back vest right now and just labor costs alone will run at least $1000.


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              I did a fully beaded vest in about 6 months working an average of 8-10 hours a week. Its a long long haul. I have been asked and personally, I wouldn't do it for less than 2500.00. Depending on your beads, you are going to need between 2 and 3 kilos which is going to run at least 200.00 plus base material and lining. If you are beading it on a nice hide then I wouldnt blink if you went to 3000.00.

              Its a whole lot of work......


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                1500-2000 depending on size


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                  all i can say is........i want a fully beaded outfit....<starts to cry>....lolz..
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                    Originally posted by redthunder
                    all i can say is........i want a fully beaded outfit....<starts to cry>....lolz..
                    Same here


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                      I just got another order for a fully beaded men's tradish. It seems that I can't find work but once I do get something, everybody else wants stuff too.


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                        well if you ever find yourself being overwhelmed, you could point them to the classifieds here in the trading post to either advertise for someone to do the work for them or find someone advertising they do the work.
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                          I have found myself in the same boat as bdn ndn grl.

                          Once people see a project I am working they start thinking of things they need, and place an order. I enjoy beading, though and will usually take the order even if I have other things going.

                          I don't know what I'd do if I wasn't beading! :Jumping:


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                            Originally posted by Redfringe
                            I have found myself in the same boat as bdn ndn grl.

                            Once people see a project I am working they start thinking of things they need, and place an order. I enjoy beading, though and will usually take the order even if I have other things going.

                            I don't know what I'd do if I wasn't beading! :Jumping:
                            I feel the same way you do redfringe I wouldn't know what to do if I wasn't beading!


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                              Pricing beadwork is a subject that consistently confuses me. I am new to and this is the first time I have posted a comment to a thread. This reply may get a little long, but please read and I look forward to your comments.

                              I have been beading since I was 5 years old, 35 years now. Mostly for family, friends and my self. The past 8 years for others. Doing work for others and pricing beadwork is difficult because I would do beadwork even if no one wanted it. Everyone who knows me will tell you that I will die with a needle in my hand!

                              On the issue of pricing, I have an analogy. Please go with me on this…; If you make and provide food for others you are in several different categories. There is a Cook and a Chef. A cook may be someone who can grill hamburgers at Mickey Dee’s, or make eggs and pancakes at Denny’s. They are good at what they do and the pay for this type of cook runs $6.50 and $8.00 per hour. Then there is a Chef. They go through years of training, make great meals, use the best ingredients … these people work at very nice restaurants and make $12 to $18 per hr. and up. People who eat at these nice restaurants know they are getting a better product. Better food, better atmosphere, better service, memories of a great time… This warrants the restaurant to charge more and people will pay it.

                              So the question is, which one are you. A Cook or a Chef? When you bead, do you use the best materials? Do you design the patterns that will please the one your doing the work for? Do you bead with accuracy so the patterns are symmetric? Do you pull out lanes if the beadwork is not looking right? Do you finish-out the piece to look good? Do you bead in a way that will make your beadwork last for years or generations? --- If you said yes to these questions then you are probably a Chef, and you should be paid accordingly.

                              If you do these things then what is your time worth? Redfringe has said that it takes 4 months, 3-4 hours a night, and weekends to complete a fully beaded vest. Approximate hours would be 500. If you are a chef, then you should be paid accordingly and at $12 an hour, your vest would cost $6,000. There are some bead workers that can bead faster, but we all must consider what our time is worth and what is fair. Czechy said that the labor for a fully beaded vest was $1000 min. Even at $10 per hr., Czechy would need to complete the vest in 100 hours. I just don’t see how a fully beaded vest can be completed in that time. I consider myself somewhat fast and it takes me about 300 hrs to bead and finish-out a very nice vest (this does not include cost of materials)

                              Please don’t get me wrong. I would be beading doorknob covers if that were all there was to bead!!! I am also not strapped for money (thank God), and I am not out to over charge people for doing beadwork for them. Just very good beadwork for a fair price. Just as all of us who do good work should!!!

                              So it comes back to “what to charge”. There is one more factor, which is what price will the market pay. Redfringe and randyinkc are right on when they say $3,000 for a fully beaded vest. A little more if the pattern is more intricate or the vest is XL or if you have to bead with 13 cuts.

                              It comes down to whether you are a Cook or a Chef, and what is your time worth.


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