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    Damn, its tuff being a poor in'din who can't bead!
    I'm interested more in self determination than gender equity. In other words, changing white men for white woman in the structures of power, does nothing to transform the opression in my community.

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      cook or chef?

      Drippin with beads - That really put things into perspective for me. I haven't been beading for a long time maybe 10 years off and on. Like you I mainly did work for my family, friends and self. Just in about the past 2 years I have made outfits for others. I personally think I don't charge enough but also I think when i tell people a price they think it is too much and since I am strapped for cash I find myself doing it for less. I work full time at a school sometimes 10 hours a day and at night I have to shuffle my home, my kids and my second job which is making outfits. The questions you asked about being a cook or chef made me realize that all my answers are yes. Which I know I am a chef. I do not take my work to be just a hobby like some people I do it to help my family survive. I am the type of person who will redo something 10 times because I don't like the way it looks even though everyone else says it looks fine. I believe that we are artists and if we do not put out quality work will not not get the jobs we know we can do. It is not just a beaded vest it is your name and quality of your craftmanship that will bring in that fully beaded outfit tomorrow. By the that is right down the road for me. I hope I can get it finished in 4-5 months before powwow season time again. Thanks for your comments I truly appreciate it.


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        I have been beading for about 20 yrs and i think that i still under-charge for my work......most peeps don't realize just how long it takes to make things.....I definatly know that I'm a chef


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          I think that you should value into your work...We have all sold things that went for just about what we put into minus the hours we spent on them...I seen some reasonable ideas put forth here and have to the chef...
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            I think that if they don't have the time to make, the stuff that we make......We should get the full value of the beading.....many of us have been working for yrs to hown out skills.....


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              yea theres a lot of factors to consider in pricing beadwork:
              ~size of beads (and type)
              ~type of stitch
              ~rinestones or not
              ~compexity of the design
              ~size of vest
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                The $1000 price I mentioned is a bare minimum starting point. True, there are so many factors to consider.

                I guess I bead fast... but I am a chef too. Been beading 16 years.

                I am almost done with the vest I am working on. It is fully beaded on the front and back in lazy stitch, size 12 beads with geometric designs. I expect that it will take about 116 hours for me to complete it. Will post a pic when its finished but that'll be a while since my life is very hectic right now.

                Happy beading!


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                  Czechy, I am truly sorry if my statement about your pricing being too low was a reflection that you were not a good bead artist. You say you are and this is good enough for me. My concern is more that we, as people that bead for others, are not getting paid properly for our time. If you can complete a fully beaded vest in 116 hours that’s fantastic, but it is not the norm. I can tell you that it takes the majority of bead artists about 300 + hours to do one.

                  I have to say that in the past, I have charged very little for much of the beadwork I have done for others. I was told by several friends, that my pricing was too low. So I have adjusted it to be more fair to me. I don’t do beadwork as a hobby. I do this to feed my family, keep a roof over my head, keep shoes on my family’s feet, gas in the truck……..

                  I would love to do good work for people and charge half (or nothing at all), but it is not fair to me and NOT fair to all others that are doing beadwork.
                  **** Let me explain******
                  If I was rich and did not need money for my beadwork, and I charged maybe $1,000 to $1,500 for a fully beaded vest, that price would help set a standard of price for beading. This is unfair for the others that need the income to survive. People would say “I am not going to pay this price when “they” are charging half of that!!!!”

                  I know that I will never become wealthy from doing beadwork. It is however, my calling. It has taken me 20 years of working in the corporate world, saving every penny that I could, to put me in a position to do this full time. I can now support my family on the money that I have saved/invested, and the money that I make doing what the Lord has guided me to do.

                  Like I said, we as bead artists will never become rich from doing this which we love. I just feel that we should somehow stick together with some sort of sameness in what we charge. This would allow for no hard feelings from the people that we do the beading for. We bead workers would basically set the price (that is fair and reasonable) and all would know what it would cost to say, bead a Fully Beaded Vest.


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                    Drippin with Beads: No offense taken.

                    Now if we could get all the crappy, imported Hong Kong beadwork to disappear! ;)


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                      Absolutly Czechy !!!! I'll go a step farther and say that we need to do away with all those beadworkers (that do work for others) that put out terible work. I have done alot of beading over the years for people that have paid good money, and received crapy work from others.

                      I must go back to my question if you don't mind. Do you think that we as beadworkers, should be on the same page when pricing our work? I realize that there are many exceptions. Family, close friends, Tribal Leaders/Organizations... I will discount my pricing. However, even my closest friends will not want to cheat me out of a fair price for my work.

                      What do you think? I realy would like your thoughts.


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                        In other lines of work I believe it is common practice for people to check their salary/wage against that of others who are in the same job, same region and have similar experience. Most people I know who do this do it once a year. The same approach (but more often) can be done for an artist's pricing structure. It makes sense to me that a business person should keep an eye on what their competitors are doing. For example, if they do work similar to yours in type and quality and they all have raised their prices, then you may consider doing the same yourself to keep aligned with the current market. Knowing your competition is good for other things too but I'll stick to the subject of pricing.

                        One thing about price: you can always negotiate DOWN but you can not negotiate UP. So don't sell yourself short. Also in the minds of most buyers, higher price=higher quality.

                        Giving a discount to family or friends is fine. At least those people know and appreciate how much of your time and effort went into whatever you make for them and will treasure it.

                        There, that's my .02 cents.
                        Oops! Let's make it .04, the value of my opinion just went up!! :D


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