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  • What kind of beadwork

    I am learning how to do bedwork and I was wondering were I can find books about it. But also what kind of beads I should use??

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    you can find books about beading and how to do it in the store. You can also find a ton of lessons online by simply typing into your browser the key words
    how to

    If you are looking for a book recommondation I would say that my favorite first to learn by was Off Loom Beadwork by Horace Goodhue... not sure if that's the exact title, but he only did one book. Sadie Starr also has an excellent book but it's a bit more advanced and cost 3x's as much.
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      I have by no means made a complete survey of the books out there, but I haven't been trilled with any of the ones I've seen. It is really hard to explain beading in writing. Most books are OK, if you have someone to watch. Often the instructions border on the Byzantine. Gourd stitch, in particular, is an area where you can get some really convoluted instructions, especially when they are discussing designing.

      The Full Circle videos aren't bad. They have the advantage of being visual. In my opinion, they tend to be a tidge dogmatic about some things, however they do have some very nice sequences with crow beads where you can clearly see what is happening.

      As for supplies: Good beads and a good substrate make all the difference. Avoid the temptation to buy cheap beads and leather to practice. You will have enough problems without having to deal with uneven beads and crummy buckskin.

      Good, strung Czech beads, in my opinion are the best. They have the classic oval profile. Most colors are colorfast. They are *relatively* even, so you don't have to cull too much. The Japanese delicas (a small squarish bead) are nice for loom work, but are a bit fragile for heavy wear. The Japanese beads are frequently dyed, so be careful about the colorfastness. But they are extremely even.

      11/o's are good for beginning work in lane stitch and larger applique pieces. 13/o cuts are nice for gourd and small applique or rosettes.

      Good, even buckskin is a good, but expensive substrate for lane stitch. Crib pad, canvas with interfacing are good substitutes. For applique felt with interfacing and acid-free watercolor paper works well.

      Use thread that fills the bead holes. D or F with lane stitch with 11/o's. B with gourd stitch in 13/o's. D with 13/o's for lane stitch (you will have to struggle to thread a 13 needle with D).

      Anyway, I've prattled (and avoided my yet unfinished presentation) long enough. Hope this helps.

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        Sadie Starr's books are illustrated by pictures step by step and very detailed! But I would not recommend them to a raw beginning beader but I would to those that know beading basics.
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