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Fake Indian arts and crafts?? Report here

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  • AngelFeather
    Originally posted by *-merk-*
    when/if i needa buy sumfin i usually buy it from back home.

    Ya me too, I buy from relatives or freinds I know are native..LOL.. But I didnt realize there was such a thing a whole ACT just for this, cause I have seen alot of rip offs, and it makes me laugh or I get down right disgusted because they claim it is authentic native arts... it just good to see that there is something put in place to insure the authenticity of Native crafts.

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  • *-merk-*
    when/if i needa buy sumfin i usually buy it from back home.

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  • AngelFeather
    started a topic Fake Indian arts and crafts?? Report here

    Fake Indian arts and crafts?? Report here

    I never knew about this until I came across it today. I found it very interesting becasue there are so many that do try and pass of their art work and jewellery as native design when they are not. I think this is a great thing to have for our Native designers and Artists.

    What do you guys think?

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