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How much beadwork on your outfit?

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  • How much beadwork on your outfit?

    Hmmm...Well on my outfit i have moccosains, a choker (no bottom peice), bracelets, hair ties, and a beret. on my new one im beading moccosains and leggings, a choker (bottom peice) and bracelets. but since im like only 11 i dont know how its going to come out and my mom is helping me with other stuffs
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    well mine's all raised beadwork and bead embroidery because I am tuscarora. For myself I am a "less is more" kinda person but totally appreciate the heavily beaded stuff as well! Good luck with your beadwork and please show us when you're done. I've been beading since I was little younger than you (nothing too complicated though till later). I'm sure you'll do a fine job and if you do better than fine and post it so we can see it, we'll definitely let you know LOL!!
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      Yup! I'll be sure to take a picture!


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        Hey, I think it's AWESOME that your doing your own beadwork at 11 years old. That's about how old I was too when I started to bead stuff...only mine wasn't good enough to wear in public. LOL!

        How much beadwork you wear I guess depends on what style and tribe you are. Most jinglers I know wear fully beaded leggings, mocs, hairties, choker, earrings, headband, barrettes, and some even have bracelets, ring, and vest. My fancy outfit includes fully beaded yoke, leggings, shoes, belt, hairties, choker w/drop, earrings, headband, and barrettes. My tradish outfits (southern style) include a fully beaded crown, hairties, choker w/drop, earrings, barrettes, bracelets, ring, belt drop, back drop.

        Tell me about your beret...I'm a southern gal and not familiar with that term.

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          Originally posted by bubbletrouble206
          Hmmm...Well on my outfit i have (no bottom peice)
          WHOOOOAAAA!!!! Hold on now.........I heard of
          short-cuts....but YOU better put somethin' on down there!! Dat's juss not right!!!!!!!

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            It's great your working on your own regalia. Just to let you know; you don't have to have a great amount of beadwork, I've seen some really pretty regalia, that was mostly made of fabrics. There are some very talented seamtresses out there; be patient you'll find that your outfit is never really complete or done.


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              Oh wait, i didnt mean beret. isnt a beret pronounced beray and its somthing else..? I meant berret or however you spell it! The thing that clips in your hair that holds your feather in...


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                I’ve been beading since I was five,
                I bead everyday - makes me feel alive.

                It’s great and I’m happy you’re starting to bead,
                having beadwork on clothes is what we all need.

                Do some each day or at least stay with it,
                you’ll be happy you did beading bit by bit.

                I was taught to do this a long time ago,
                now I enter the circle beaded head to toe.

                If you stick with it and just bead row by row,
                in no time at all everyone will be saying WAY TO GO!!


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                  Neat Poem xD


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                    Hopefully when i get back i can start on my beading again


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                      Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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                        Originally posted by Blackbear


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                          Im not going to have awhole lot of beadwork on my regalia, earrings, barrett, and mocs pretty much. Im still working on doing the sequin work on my shawl. Im sewing sequins on indvidually, theres this huge love bird (eagle and raven together) picture that im doing on my shawl and leggings, but its taking forever!
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                            Coool. Since I'm on vacation I havnt got to start yet, but I cant wait to start!!


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                              Hey I forgot how to make a new thread!! Can someone tell me how to?


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