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    Need help & know their are a lot of experienced beaders on here, I am just learning.

    I am wanting to make 2 pairs of earrings and need patterns for both.

    Does anyone on here have or know of where I can get a pattern for an eagle and bear to go on earrings, don't want them to big so maybe just of the head or if can find a smaller pattern of an eagle flying, they are for a guy.
    Would appreciate any help for a new beader. Love the Beading and Craft section.


  • #2 go to this website and clik on patterns you will find easy earring patterns If you still need help on finding more designs email me, canavajo
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      I was gonna ask what kinda stitch you were using.. if brick, then go look up veon's creations at amazon and she has eagle and bear patterns in brick.
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        Wow, Wado so much for the website haven't been on here in a few days and was glad to see some help from some beaders, I am just learning and sure find a lot of help on this website its my favorite place.

        Thanks again Canavajo, if I have any problems I will email you do have a few question, lol. All my people that could have learned me how to bead have crossed over so here I am trying to learn of my heritage and ways on my own.
        See you live in Ca, I did for many years.

        Wolfsong, Kay
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          Guess I forgot to mention yes its brickstitch I am doing them, this is the only type beading at the present that I can do with ease. You all are a lot of help and I love this website

          Will be needing more help as I go. Keep up the good work for all of us who are new beaders.


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            Since I'm more of a hands on, visual type of person who was taught by the same, I was taught to draw the pattern or object in color on graph paper. I take the pic I'd like and using carbon paper trace it onto the graph paper, then color it in using the dots or squares on the graph. Once you get used to the pattern you've made you won't really use the graph anymore, but keep it for reference.


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