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    how much do regalia sets of beadwork sell for? People ask me how much I would do a set of beadwork for, but I don't know how much to charge because I don't know how much something like that would sell for.

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    How much Moola?

    I think the charging price for beadwork really depends on the project and who buys the supplies.
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      three times the amount of the supplies is a good formula I often use.. what kind of beadwork set are you being asked to make?
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        I am being asked to do a set of beadwork for a chicken dance outfit....And I provide the beads.
        This includes fully beaded moccasins, belt....headband...cuffs. And everything else that goes with that style of dance.


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          one of my friends does beadwork-for-hire: she charges for her time.... I believe $10 per hour. Sounds fair to me. After all, it takes a lot of your time to bead a nice set.
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            And if you do nicer work (comes with time and experience) you can charge more.

            And if you do it for friends and fam, you can charge less.

            I know a smart lady who can't get the price she wants, so she has a rule about strictly bartering with local people. Then she doesn't feel ripped off, and peeps can afford it!
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              Ten bucks an hour sounds reasonable, but if you translate that to a whole set it may be quite a bit. But then, people who buy beadwork can usually afford it, thats' why they never learned to do it.

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                I find when I sew I can get $10/hour plus cost of supplies. When I bead that drops dramatically to like about $1 - 4/hour, depending. But I love it, right?
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