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Beginner gourd stitch question

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  • Beginner gourd stitch question

    Another question from a newcomer to beading:

    I am totally captivated with the gourd stitch work I have seen on fan handles and such, and think it is what I want most to learn now.

    I have some books which describe (with good photos & drawings) the actual stitches, but none that discuss the attaching of the leather to the handle or container (an Elder I met said he uses ladies plastic hair curlers for the bases for his gourd stitch work!)

    Can someone give me a few pointers about this? I want to make some practice pieces and then bead the handle for a fan kit I ordered.

    Many thanks in advance!

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    I generally wrap the handle in buckskin and use a glue called E6000. It is a craft glue and it works wonderfully for almost everything. I suggest you definitely do some straight pieces before you try tapered fan handles. I found some 1/2" and 3/4" dowel rods for starters. Many people also do key chains and roach pins to get started. Once you are comfortable with the stitch, then it is easier to understand the expansion process and see where you can put beads to keep your designs looking nice.

    There is a good thread on chevron style gourd stitch and there are a few threads somewhere in here about two and three drop. Happy beading!
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      Thank you again, andre! (I should have read this reply before asking you about E6000 on the other thread!)

      Yes, I definitely planned to start with a small, straight piece. Actually, being a woman, I was thinking of starting with something like a lipstick case as a form!

      I'll also check out the other threads you recommend . . . Thanks again.


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        There is also a how to video by inner circle that is fairly good. They use pony beads for the demonstration so you can really see how it all works. But the video only teaches "3-drop" gourd stitch. There is also a one drop and a two drop, which are not discussed in the video.
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          Originally posted by spottedeagle
          There is also a how to video by inner circle that is fairly good.
          I have seen this video, and I agree. It is more than adequate for learning gourd stitch, though if you can get to someone's house and they can show you, I think it's much easier. As a side-note, I don't agree with their "cut-it-off" method of fixing mistakes. LoL, too much work to keep the beads from going everywhere!
          A tater tot is worth a thousand fries.


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