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  • Question about loom work

    I mostly bead applique. But it's time to get some beadwork done for my son. I want to loom bead his stuff. My question is concerning after the stuff is done. How do you bind, tape, or glue the strings so that the loom beading doesnt' come off.

    My son is a wild 6 yr. old and his stuff is going to go through a lot when I'm not looking. So I want to make sure to put extra reinforments on the end.

    I appreciate any advise.

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    when i thread my look i make the threads about 2 inches longer then the design will be. At each end of the threads i use a small piece of duct tape and place it over the threads so they are still flat but secured to cut when you are done. when you are done beading cut threads as close to the loom edge as you can get. The tape will secure the threads so they dont come loose, i like duct tape because it is really sticky. Once you pick what you are going to back your beadwork with, tack the tape end upside down a few times, and then flip the beadwork over and start securing the edges and on the other end you fold the tape under and tack the edges...

    That is how i do it and i never had any problems!
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      Good question.
      N8tivechick's method is pretty typical of most experienced loom beadworkers. The main difference is the type of tape you use. I like Masking tape, no more than 1 layer on each side. I used to use cloth medical tape and that was ok, I just like the masking tape better. Just find something that works for you.

      I press the tape very hard with the back side of my scissors after I take it off the loom. This helps seal the glue in between the threads.

      Also, you may not want to tape both ends while still on the loom at first. I tape when the work is still on the loom, but if you are not used to loomwork the piece can sometimes shrink. If you tape the ends while on the loom it may wrinkle even worse. However, it is much easier to tape while on the loom. Try to get good at not streatching the work.

      Back the beadwork whenever you can. If it has to hang loose, like say a fancy dance harnes, just back the top 3-4 inches with fabric and use that to hang around the neck. Understand?

      Also, if it is a piece that tapers at the end, leave about 10 inches at the end to attach beads or fringe. There was a topic sometime back about tapering beadwork, I think I posted pics there.

      Let us know how it turns out.


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        Thanks a bunch.

        I never realized the tape makes that much difference. But that makes sense. I've loomed before but not anything this big. I need to do his harness, belt, and headband.

        Thanks again,


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