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  • 2bead designs

    anyone got 2bead drop designs to share I haven't learned any other methods yet. I can't come up with any new designs for my dance stick.

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    Have you checked any books? David Dean has an excellent book with some nice base designs. You can also google "gourd stitch" and I'm sure you will get lots of inspiring pictures and websites. I personally don't have anything to share with you though. Good luck!
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      I have one pattern of a haida raven... but I dont' know if I can share it or not.. I'll have to ask the artist.
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        I recently did my first 3 - drop project and I LOVE the way it turned out. Everything seems to lay better and look better and it's EASY.

        Try it out, I got the directions right off this site. Gotta be here somewhere. is what it is...


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          Keep looking.

          im sure they are on here somewhere or sombody will write in and help you I would confuse you too bad with my tring to explain.
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            Thank you for taking time to reply, I think i'll try the 3 drop I'm kinda burned on the 2 bead.


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              Originally posted by Blackbear
              I have one pattern of a haida raven... but I dont' know if I can share it or not.. I'll have to ask the artist.

              COOOOOOOL! Please do if you can. I love NW Coast style!


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                I would like to clear up my original question by explaining that i'm looking for basic designs to use in 2bead, I am in no way asking for anyones own personal designs. I've tried the 3 bead but just couldn't get the hang of it, I'll try later to get the hang.


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