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    I know of some ladies that use velcro, and a couple that just use a buncha bobby pins here and there.
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      thanks for the info.....I never would have guessed....I'm all for trying...not sure if my granddaughter will agree, but it hurts only for a little bit.... right.


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        I'm glad you asked this question because I was wondering the same thing and was looking for the answer. I'll give the velcro a try and see what happens.


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          Headband Edges?

          How do you finish the edges of these headbands? I haven't seen one up close. What type of edge beading do you use?


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            I've not made one but I'm going to guess that they are edged with a one bead variation of edge beading... kinda like laying a row of brick stitch.
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              I figure you could do any kind of edgework you'd like...some people don't like edgebeads onthe across-the-forehead-type of headband cuz it presses into your skin and leaves a funny looking aftermark...but because these stay in the hair that wouldn't matter

              so I say HAVE SUM FUN wit it!

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                im not a person who can bead, but the one that i made for my daughter had two small clip barettes at each end with two small strips of velco in the middle, so it doesnt hurt her hair when she takes it off. i didnt put any edging on the end of the headband, but sewed rhinestones all around so you cant tell there no edging on it.


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