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    can anyone tell me how to do the beadwork for a grass outfit? my friend has been wanting me to do it for a while, so I finally gave in. I'm sure I can do the beadwork, but I just don't know how to put it all together. What type of stitch do I use, what do I bead onto, I need to know everything. Any info you have will help greatly. I know the people out in world will have my answers! =)

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    Most grass dancers I've seen have just a bit of running stitch or two needle applique running along various parts of the clothing. A few I've seen have lots of lazy stitch (Side-tabs, cuffs, suspenders). Also headbands with rosettes on them.

    There are lots of lazy stitch threads floating around here, but my suggestion would be canvas to bead on.
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      It might be easier for you to start with a loomed headband and suspenders. You could even loom the belt and sidetabs. Maybe an appliqued rosette for the headband. Then lazy stitch the mocs and cuffs and maybe sidetabs. is what it is...


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        anything you ladies have is great, So how wide do you think the headband and suspender and belt should be? I never did pay much attention, does it really matter what size?


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          There's a whole catagory of pics in the gallery of grass dancers.. I'm not saying to copy their stuff but you can get an idea of what all is needed, what folks have that's beaded and about what size in correlation to the person by looking at them... Just my only suggestion since I've never done any beadwork for grass.
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            Originally posted by Blackbear
            I've...done...beadwork for grass.
            UMMMMM! I'm telling.


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              OHHH that's bad Randy!!! LOL AND WRONG THREAD!! I'm gonna give you points for that though since I was NOT expecting it at all LOL!
              Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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                While I've only done one grass set, I've done about a dozen men's fancy sets, and most of the stuff is nearly identical in size and shape. I would have to agree with wyo_rose about trying loomwork. There is a massive thread in this forum all about it.

                Headband-about 2" wide, 1-2" gap in back. You need to put it onto some cloth so add just a bit when you measure his head. A beaded medalion in the center about 3-4"

                belt-3" wide, 2-5" gap in back. Put this onto stiff leather, can be wider than the beadwork with metal spots along the edge for added flash.

                Suspenders-same width and design as the belt, should hang to the top of the knees.

                Side tabs-can be rectangular or tapered, start at about 6" wide and hang to 3-6" above knee

                Cuffs-6"X6" is a general rule, can be made half size so beadwork shows on outside and just cloth on the inside.

                Arm bands, same width as headband, maybe a bit wider.

                Beaded mocs-lazy or applique.

                That's about it. Should take you about 4 days to do all that. Give or take 2 years.


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                  Sorry I couldnt resist. I've been in a strange mood today.


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                    Good direction Beadman!!

                    Sounds like a 2 year project to me!
           is what it is...


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                      Sizes and type of beadwork


                      As far as size for the headband, suspenders (harness), belt, side drops and such I have to say, try not to skimp on the width of these items but don't go overboard.

                      My hubby is a pretty tall man (6'-3") who dances grass. I made his harness fairly wide 5" combination 2 needle aplique' and lazy stitch on black duck cloth (sort of like canvas). His background is black cutz (of course). I like to see, substancial beadwork without it being gawdie, but I also don't like to see a big man with a little tiny thin harness, belt and side drops. I think the size of the beadwork really depends on the stature of the individual.

                      I know alot of people like loom and it is fast. But..... grass dancers bend alot and his old harness from like 8 years ago had to be constantly repaired. Sometimes loomwork is re-repairable after awhile. I would really suggest that you lazy stitch the background so it flows and bends when it has too.

                      I have also seen some headbands that go way overboard. Honestly, with the center madalion that is bigger then the dancers face. I don't know if it was barrowed for that particular pow-wow or what but, it looks terrible. Again, the size of each item should fit the stature of the individual.

                      Oh-I also put store bought, atheletic sweatbands on the inside of his cuffs to help his cuffs stay put and I guess catch the sweat. (gross!)

                      Anyway, hope this helps and good luck on your project!
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                        hey...canvas - duck weight, onesided iron-on interfacing type. This keeps the thread from cutting thru the canvas and keeps the canvas from fraying. Draw your design on paper and quick stitch it together - long stitches,it'll be covered anyway.
                        Canvas shape of cuffs, belt etc first. It should be easy goin.
                        let me know what ya think...


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                          thanks all your guys' suggestions help


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