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    Need some help here. I am finding little to no information on making a beaded blanket strip. I really want to do this project for a friend of mine, but can't find any info. I went as far as traveling to NMAI for info and the research dept. looked at me like I'd just grown a new head. Please help!!!

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    I'm not sure what tribal style you are wanting to make. Some are done in lazy stitch and some are done in overlay stitch. In any case, you could use canvas as a base for the beadwork but I would recommend you bead on leather. Looks much nicer. You could make the beadwork all one piece but I think most people bead the rosettes and the straight sections separately and then sew them all together. This is the method I used for a Lakota style strip which is buried in the Photo Gallery somewhere. I think in beadeding in sections, it is easier to keep the designs centered and each section the same size. Of course, handling one section at a time is much less a chore than dealing with a long skinny thing 4 or 5 feet long. After your entire strip is done, only then do you whip-stitch the strip to your blanket. The strip I made took about 60 hours of work. Good luck!


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      For a Lakota strip how wide is the strip and what are the diameter of the rosettes?


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        This can varry a few inches or more and depends on the time period....but a strip is usually 60 inches long (aprox. 1/2inch bead rows) the row about 3 to 4 or so inches with the rosetts about one inch bigger than the width of the rows. There are 4 rossetts to the strip.


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