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How do you store your beads?

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    Originally posted by Chelseyrosebutterfly
    Lol my mom keeps her beads in medicine bottles!!! Lol that really happened to you? Thats how my moms bead are they surpose to look dark blue but there light blue. She keeps them in baby food jars. She keeps them in her rolaid and they spell minty lol!!!
    I still keepthem in the little cabinets you get at Canadian Tire that have little drawers that can be pulled right out, not mixng of beads or spilling.


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      you know what works the best for me if you can get them.
      those little one ounce plastice to go cp with lids made by solo.
      they stack great in my shelf and the lid works wonderfuly just put a few beads on the lid and they pop right on my needle.


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        I use medicine bottles, because my kiddo's cant open them and spill them every where, there was one time one of them got it open but they really had to work at it, but when they get bigger im thinking on storing them in little containers with lids and labling them.
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          Yeah my mom bought an case so know she keeps her small beads in. She got in Rocky Boys walmart. She bought two of them and they keep her beads separated and not mixing.
          Chelsey Rose


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            I have a relative who works at the shipyard and he started collecting the containers that electrical tape came in. They are about 3.5" wide an 1" deep and are clear plastic. I can store about 12 or them in a plastic shoe container. They were free as the guys were tossing them by the boxful. What is really neat too is that you can use the lids to hold small amounts of beads for beading projects.

            I also store my hanks in fishing tackle boxes. The clear plastic ones with adjustable dividers. They work great for me and I can stack them.


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