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what do people bead from?

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  • what do people bead from?

    ok,we've covered what do people store beads in ,and what we do with culled beads...i always ask people what do they put their beads in/on when they bead? i use small tea saucers or sandwich plates that i buy in yard sales etc( theyre everywhere in my apt)...and do people keep their colors seperate or put them all one one plate? i put small piles of each color on one plate,in the same was as a painter puts paint on a palette....what does everyone else use and do?

    (and no,this isnt zeek)

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    Altoid tins, the ones that hold the Sours. I picked that up from my friend. Or you can buy round plastic containers from the craft store that are about the same size as the Altoid tins, but then you don't get the candy. And I mix all the colors in. It's not fun when there is just one color. Kinda boring.


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      i use a wooden salad bowl for the most dominent color. what ever else is needed i pour a few beads out in the baby food jar lids and work out of them. only problem (for me) is i have large hands an those little lids are a pain....hehe after two rows or so a fresh needle is bent like a carpet needle. we have to by two packs of needles cuz my wife refuses to use my "suture needles" ...but it works for me. ohh another little detail (can yah tell I like details) the wooden salad bowl is one of those multi-square pressed ones you know the ones i mean ...the ones you wouldnt be cought dead serving a guest something in em....any way i have used this bowl for so long beading half of the bottom is warn away from sliding the needle across gonna retire when i see daylight ...well maybe hehe
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        I use the plastic lids off the store brand yogurt cups. they are about 1/3 of a inch thick, clear, and wide and with the amount of yogurt we used to buy I have a ton of them. I also use them for plastic in rosettes and some of my barrettes. I can reach the beads well because they are shallow and wide, and squeeze them together to funnel the beads back into their containers when I'm done.
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          i use fishing tackle boxes. the ones with five spaces. i find it easier for me cause i can store more beads without taking up room on my small table.


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            I use the covers of baby food jars and usually dont mix the colors, one top for reds, one top for blues, etc. haha and yea, it does get kinda boring that way. So maybe I'll do what Kgirl7 does.... maybe..... change is hard. LOL!
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              i keep my beads in hanks - and keep the hanks in tupperware containers - right now i got a couple of the stackable luncheon meat containers. and for my "loose" beads i use smaller "stackable" containers. i did use baby food containers but i had a problem with the lids not closing properly and they spilled.

              when i bead i keep them on the hanks/strings and just use my needle to take the desired amount off - that way i can see the bad beads more easily. when i'm not using that particular hank anymore i just tie a knot around the last bead on the string to make sure the rest of the beads don't fall off. so my beading tray looks like a painters "thingy" lol. kinda cuts down on bead spillage if my tray falls over or something since they are still on the hanks ...

              i could never really understand why ppl mixed their beads together in a big bowl or whatever ... really slows the process down for me anyways ...
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                what i use is

                I put my beads in a pringles lid they are clear, & flexibal , and like Blackbear I can funnel them back into wherer ever im keeping them wich most likely is child proof med bottles , so my kids cant get the lids off , or it would take them a while tring! lol
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                  For beading, I pour out each color into its own heavy-duty small cardboard box. While the boxes are small boxes they are still deep enough and wide enough that I can get my hand in there to scoop up multiple beads at each go. The corner of the box makes it easy to pour beads back into their ziploc storage bags when I'm done. Or if I dump beads onto the carpet, the stiff edge of the box helps me scrape the rascals into a tidy pile for easier retrieval.


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                    what do people bead from

                    It s been a while since I posted. Right now I use a plastic petri dish lid with all of the bead colors mixed in. I also have used a muffin tin to bead from as well. Not sure which is easier though. The muffin is easy to sit on the couch when beading but the petri dish can be taken any where when going from place to place.


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                      I use a tea towel or piece of folder flannel and put my beads and/or hanks on it. They don't roll, I can put it on a plate, tray or my lap, and it's very portable.

                      When I'm done I just fold it up and slip it in my box with my project, or in this little bag that has a drawsting.
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                        Someone I think online had a great idea that they were selling.. they took a piece of velux like those nice blankets... and hemmed up the edges separately and ran a ribbon through all the edges and tied it at the corner so that the velux would make a tray. Then they could just roll everything up when they were done, and it had two ribbons sewn on the end so that after you roll it up, you could tie off both ends. Clever idea! I just have a piece of velux on a dinning tray that I use for projects with more than 5 colors.
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                          Hello. This is my first time typing in. i use a scrap of deer hide to put my beads on while working. That way they don't roll around and everything is so beautiful. i don't mix colors, it's too confusing for me. When i am done with a piece or a color i just fold up the hide like a burrito and pour the beads into their own film canister. If you go to a photo shop they give you many canisters for free. They are happy to be rid of them. i also wanted to say thank you for beading and thank you for being inspiring.


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                            I don't like mixing my beads, cuz then I have to be sortin and i think it takes up to much time. So I have a bunch of little plastic bowls and each one has its own color of beads. I just pour some of the beads onto a lid and bead away. After i'm done i just pour em back into my bowls and seal em for the next day. So yeah. I also have a great big beadin organizer where I keep all my hanks of beads and my other beadin supplies such as threads and needles and stuff like that. I can carry it wherever i go cuz it's got a carrying handle on it. It's way cool. And big enough to carry all my beads.


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                              I have always placed a wash cloth on whatever is convenient. A table, a tea tray, a lid, in a cake pan, a small cookie sheet, a flat cardboard box. When I'm done beading for the day, I just fold up the four corners of the cloth, stick my needle through the corners and put my project away.


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