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need help starting a beaded cape

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  • need help starting a beaded cape

    I am trying to make a beaded cape for a fancy shawl dancer and this will be my first one. Is there any information on how to begin, how to size, how it is soppose to look like, any other information i need to know to begin? I would really appreiciate any and every input. Thank you.

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    First, spend time looking at different capes. There are many different syles out there. Find one you like. Experiment a bit with a scissors, tape and some cut-apart brown paper grocery bags. Use one bag for the back of the yoke and one for the front. Keep cutting until you get a shape you like and the correct size. Be sure to include a slight slope at the shoulder line on both the front and back pieces. If you want a vest style, you can alter a commercial pattern to add the back part of the cape.

    Once you have a shape you like, use the paper pieces as a pattern to use on your canvas, leather or whatever you are beading on. If the yoke will be fully beaded, then canvas works great. Trace your pattern pieces and cut them out. Bind the edges with bias tape. Your cape will be easier to bead if you do the front and back separately and then attach them later.

    Graph out your beadwork design on paper and then mark your guidelines in pencil on the canvas itself. Then bead, bead, bead......
    When that is done, attach a cotton lining to the back to protect your stitches, add waist ties and cape fringe, etc.....etc....
    Have fun!!


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      Dang.. can we say , "In a nutshell!" ? ROFLMAO... that was a fairly thourough and well explained set of instructions Czechy!!!
      Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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        Thanks for the info. I'm gonna begin my project now. Wish me luck!


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          [QUOTE=ac ndn]I am trying to make a beaded cape

          well i dont think i can add much help after czechy's post ,very well written. My oldest daughter Brandy just finished a very beautiful cape. i'll try to post a pic later (sigh) way to Busy.
          she bought a vest pattern and joined ther cape to the back the front in black cloth she used some of my old Army dress Green buttons to honor me, (awww) the unique thing she tappered the sides into ties in the back, i was very impressed you cant tell its a half vest. ...just thought i would share her for me i have finished a cape set for my 3 year old granddaughter... on to the leggins :) happy beading ....Onen
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