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  • Coin purse help

    I am looking for some help i am wanting to bead a coin purse but have no idea on how to get started. I am a beading beginner and am trying to self teach. I have tried to do the two needles applique and have failed, have also tried running stitch and cant seem to get techinque down either. My beads like bunch together and dont lay flat. Dont know what I am doing wrong. But pratice makes perfect right? So that brings me to the coin purse project. I am looking for instructions/patterns for layout and a simple design. Any help please.

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    If you already do not have a coin purse..they are cheap and easy to pick up on EBay and other sites. Get the leather ones with the snap top. If you want to make can get the claps at purse sites...look for metal purse frames. Then get some leather, cut to fit tops, bead and then attatch the top and beadwork...wa la...your own beaded coin purse.

    The best way to bead is to use the lane stitch or what has been called lazy stitch. Nothing lazy about doing this type of bead work. Running stitch with one needle or two needles is also ok...but is harder on these types of pouches if bought already made. If you are putting it problem.

    Draw your design on the leather....and start beading. There are many examples on the internet of this type of beading and designs. The Sioux were great at this type of coin purse and made many a purse like this.


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      Ok the main reasons beads bunch when doing running stitch or the two needle method is because of where you are putting your needle and how tight you are drawing up your beads. When you put your 2-4 beads on for applique, what you want to do is bring them down to where the thread comes out and lay them in place. Then take your needle and bring it down directly in front of that last bead you put on, right in the center in front of it's hole, NOT immediately next to the row before it. Putting the needle through next to the row before changes the direction the beads are going and they start crowding. Now also if you pull too tight, everything starts shifting to where the tension is and that causes crowding and bunching.
      I did a tutorial for this sight on applique beadwork which shows how to do the running stitch, one needle method. You can find it here:
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        OOps.. sorry .. meant to add I cant help you with the coin purse part because I have'nt made one yet. I kinda know how but until i actually make one, I'm not going to try to instruct anyone else in making one LOL...just in case.
        Don't worry that it's not good enough for anyone else to hear... just sing, sing a song.sigpic


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          I make them all the time

          I've made quite a few coin purses. I use 2 needles of course for all my bead work. With the coin purse, I use a pattern for the original cut out and shape of the coin purse. I use an oval shape until i think it looks like a coin purse, I fold it in half to look at, then copy it onto a piece of crib pad material to bead on. I use a paper bag for the back of the crib pad and a well measured out piece of graph paper on the top to bead on to make sure my design or beads all line up.

          with the zipper this is where it gets tricky. use your best judgement on how much of a zipper to use. I use a metal zipper when doing a coin purse for my family or myself. If I'm going to sell it, I use those nylon one's or what ever their called.

          I also use two small pieces of buckskin to help close it with the zipper. this is pretty tricky too, but once all done and finished, it's easy.

          As soon as you finish your first one, you learn from your mistakes and become a pro like me..........jokes

          but if you wanna practice first, then just use any ol'beads to start with, until your ready to use then cut beads or whatever?

          good luck
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