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Different backing materials for different uses

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  • Different backing materials for different uses

    Ok so i have made the leap and found that while i'm not great yet i really enjoy doing beadwork. I've read a lot of the posts on different backings for different uses (breathable vs leather), but need opinions on what to back a piece with if it's going to be used on clothing.
    I am working on a star of life that says EMT for a friend at my fire department, I'm making it regulation size in the hope she'll use it on her dress uniform. I know the beads themselves are going to make it pretty heavy but i think it will work. just not sure what to back it with for this kind of use. It will be 3 inch in diameter or so when finished.
    Thanks Sarah

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    maybe a piece of vinyl to help protect it from moisture, or if you want it to be lighter and breathe more then just some cotton .. if it's going to be used like a patch, you don't really want anything heavy behind it... felt would be good too.
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      I've done beadwork for clothing in a similar manner. I wouldn't back it at all, but that kind of depends on what you beaded on in the first place. If you back with something thick it will really stick out far away from the clothing. When you think about it the uniform is the backing. Every EMT or police officer I've ever known wears an undershirt anyway so I don't think a lot of moisture will be getting to the beadwork.

      Just my take on it.

      Cool idea by the way!


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        Forgive me for not know exactly what it is, but what about the material that embroidery work is done on? I am referring to an embroidered shirt and the white, mesh-like stuff they put behind the shirt to anchor the threads. (Does this make any sense?) I have seen it in various thicknesses, and I wonder if it would be a suitable backing for your project. Let me know if I have been clear as concrete and I will try to do a better job of describing it.


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          Thank you all for the suggestions. TCUmonster I think you are talking about stabilizer or Pellon and i think that's a great idea. I guess i'm just looking for something to protect the threads a little and make it look more finished. Also to make it easier to sew to the shirt.

          I'm finishing my first bead project probably tonight then will get working on this one.
          I'll post pics when I'm done.


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            Good luck with that. I've made a couple of Star of Life patches/pins over the years. Did a small hat pin one for a friend who used to work for Denver Metro.

            For the patches, I used thick pellon for the stiffener. Since the threads were protected by the cloth it was sewn to, I didn't worry about covering them.


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              Hey momme.

              I've not attached beadwork to clothing but i do make brooches or pins.

              I do mine applique on stiffened felt then back with leather with the pin in between the leather and the beadwork. This way it can be used on any piece of clothing and it doesnt have to go through the laundry.

              You can also make something with brickstitich..loom or peyote then attach it to backing and add the dont have to do applique thats just my choice. I've attached a picture of a pin that i've made to give you an idea of what i mean i'm sure you already know...lets see if it works....
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