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    Yes. I have a turtle one. It's probably harder than it looks. I was thinking of just a flat picture in a little frame. is what it is...


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      wyo rose , if you check out the Fire Mountain Gems catalog, they've got a couple of beautiful examples of the Wax set beadwork in there. Every year, they have a big design contest and then put pics of the winners and runner ups in the catalog. I don't know if it would be in the online catalog. But what the heck, the catalogs are free, so why not order one? I've been pretty happy with the stuff I've gotten from them. My favorite seed beads from them to loom with are the Dyna Mites. They've got those slutty Delicas, but no Charlottes. I guess she hasn't found her way there yet. Edited to add: Those orpahn misfiting beads also work up into nice beaded collars/necklaces. If you want a pattern for one just google netted bead collar patterns and you'll get a whole lotta places to look. They work up fast and are pretty simple once you get them started.
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        If I am using a long needle, I like to sling the odd beads off the needle and across the room. Discovered they go pretty far on accident when the needle got caught in my thumb, bent back and when I reacted... catapult! As for strange names, I can't write what I call the beads that have those tiny holes you can't get your needle through...
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          Originally posted by subeeds
          Chirapachegurl, you get 5 lashes with a strand of Nymo for throwing away beads.LOL That's awful! Spend a couple of bucks at Walmart and get a set of those interlocking stackable containers to keep your odd beads in. When you have a ton or so, check out and look for a pattern by Emily Hackbarth. It's called Square Stitch Tube necklace. It looks like a great way to use weird size beads. I've got instructions for earrings, too, but don't have the website name here at work. I'll post it tomorrow. It's a brick stitch on hoops with dangle/fringes. I use the stackable and keep an open one beside me when I bead and whenever i come across a saucer, fat boy, or hot dog, they go in the container. I do throw away the really thin saucers, but those are the only ones. The packrat part of me can't bear the thought of throwing away beads. Of course, that doesn't include the ones the vacuum cleaner eats that I didn't find on the floor. It's amazing how much bounce a bead has on a hardwood floor.
          Thanks now I got Nymo marks all across my back, LOL. Well it does hurt when i throw them away but i like my work to look even. One time though while i was on Honor Guard we had to report in at 0500 to go to some town that was a couple of hours away so by the time we left it was still dark. So yes i was beading in the van in the dark (shame on me) so when the sun came out i took a look at my work and one of those darn saucers was right there right on the edge of my work, i was so upset and didn't want to take the whole thing apart (i was brick stitching) and i thought i could maybe bite it off and somehow miraculously fit in a good bead in there but in the end i just left it alone and started talking to my beadwork and said, "you still look lovely" finished it and put it on a leather pouch for my sister. she'll still love it and as long as i don't tell her about the saucer that's sitting right at the edge making it ever so obvious she hopefully won't find out. I also have like thousands of those stackable containers, they are so handy and no matter what size tube that i buy all of the beads fit into a container. i'll take a look at the website though so i can quit throwing them away.
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