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  • BeadMan
    I don't have any names for these beads, but when I was in college, living in the dorm, I was always beading and for some strange reason I saved all these odd beads in a coffee mug on my desk. Some of the hippie types on my floor found out about these beads and went crazy over them making necklaces and bracelets and all kind of strange things.

    I have been throwing them away ever since.

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  • subeeds
    I call the odd beads my surprises because they go into the container I keep odd size beads in and it's going to be a surprise when I make something out of this bottle that's fast filling with beads. Since I do mostly loom work, I have to have consistant sized beads. I just got some hanks a few weeks ago from Shipwreck beads and was really disapointed in the quality. I can't loom with any of them, so now I'm doing off loom stuff. Mostly netted collars because they seem to work out well with mismatched size beads. I've gotten some patterns off the web that use leftover beads and odd sizes. Maybe one day I'll get around to doing something with them. I know what you mean about the sound of your own voice. I usually only talk to myself when I mess up on a count or stitch and have to redo it. I'm worried that if I talk to myself more than that, the dog or cat will have me committed! LOL

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  • billyjoejimbob
    I usually name them all "effin pain in the azz" beads.

    especially when i drop a line off the needle or the thread gets stuck or one has a sharp edge and cuts my thread or the needle gets stuck in one or lane wont fit or be even or when i have a spasm and i flip the lid full of beads all over the computer keyboard (i bead at the computer...when i bead).

    the bead names would make a good comic strip. a family of chechs, a family of italians, a family named miyuki (mr.miyuki is the karate expert), the Delica's, then there is Charlotte who is the slut of the beads.

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  • chirapachegurl
    started a topic Weird Bead Names

    Weird Bead Names

    I'm pretty sure that many of you haven't came across a tube or a hank of beads that every bead is the exact same shape, that's what i would call the impossible perfect tube/hank of beads. For the odd shaped beads i have names for them, like the flat ones i call them saucers for flying saucers, and there are some that on one side it's raised higher than the rest so it looks like a traditional dancer's crown so i call that the crown. also there's the one bead that is larger than the rest and if you use that it can make your peice look lop-sided. So i call that one the ginormous bead. so as i'm beading and i come across one or the other i say, "i'm sorry saucer/crown i can't use you so i have to put you to the side" (yes i do talk to myself, because after hours and hours of beading if i don't talk i can forget what the sound of my voice sounds like). so do any of you have any weird names for beads??

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