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fan handle help.!.!.!.!.!.!

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  • turtleclaninc
    Originally posted by NuMuNu66
    i want to peyote stitch a fan handle but i dont know how to keep my design even and straight while making it smaller as i go down the handle.

    long time ago i ran across same delema i was turned on to craft mag called Whispering wind Crafts anunal #3 Issn#1043-917x published by Written Heritage 8009 Wales St. New Orleans La.70126-1952 Editor Jack B. Heriard the best indepth walk through on all types of reductions,enlargments and patterns and styles of Gourd, brick, cheveron and all variations that i seen...In my most humbal opinion... i paid $6 and some change Hope this helps Onen..

    ......Oh I thought Numunu's only did brick? ( Just kidding...)..some of the finest peyote and gourd stitch work i own was gifted to me by Rev. Padacony..the Narcomeys and several members of the Otapoby Cemetery commitee

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  • OLChemist
    I have never found a perfect way to keep the designs on the straight and narrow when expanding or contracting.

    PB49 and SuzzieQ4 are right. Based on my experience, you'll just have to keep on top of your bead counts, keep the design simple, and use background if possible. First I use small beads. I find because the additions are less radical per bead, the pattern stays more even. Second, I generally try to keep narrow design elements, things where I can put in some background. I don't do the big rainbows, spirals, pipes or staffs in these areas. If I am doing something like that, because I can't resist that large expanse of handle, then as PB49 said, I end those elements before sides.

    If your handle's tapper is not too drastic, you can keep your additions confined to the sides of the fan and to background areas. This helps conceal the imperfections. Anyone gets too close to the side of my fan and starts looking too closely at the design, they deserve what happens, LOL.

    Expanding and contracting in gourd stitch:

    There is a variation on (3-drop) gourd stitch which keeps many design elements straight through expansion. It is sometimes called the chevron variation. Basically, you have 2, 4 or more places in your piece where the direction of the twist in the beadwork changes. The advantage is additions can be made without twisting up many design elements too much. Also it very easily confines the expansion to the sides.

    Chevron variation of gourd stitch:

    Chervon also can be explioted to make symmetrical designs (C2v for the geeks in the audience).

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  • powwowbum49
    One way to put keen designs in is to not have it go all the way around the piece. To do this you just fill the sides with the/a background color (of course this is on a flat fan) and make your design out on the flat areas of the front and back. Otherwise you will have to alter your designs based on how many beads it takes to go around the piece and really watch the bead counts so you can decide on what designs you can put in and how often you will have to expand or contract (personally I prefer to expand) changing those possible designs.

    There is no easy way to figure this other than the one I mentioned at the top...well that I know of anyway...and it only works for flat and wing fans.

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  • Joe's Dad
    I sure hope OLChemist posts here. She always has the bombdiggetiest answers!

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  • SuzzeQ4
    to be honest, when i'm peyote stitching somthing like a fan handle, that gets smaller, I keep it simple, stripes & such or a second colour on the side, or a small design only on the wider part of the handle. It has to be something you can eyeball.
    Don't know if this is helpful, but I tried. Good luck

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  • NuMuNu66
    started a topic fan handle help.!.!.!.!.!.!

    fan handle help.!.!.!.!.!.!

    i want to peyote stitch a fan handle but i dont know how to keep my design even and straight while making it smaller as i go down the handle.

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