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HowTo Make A Beaded Belt Buckle

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  • HowTo Make A Beaded Belt Buckle

    I need help getting started !

    I have beaded my own crown...but have never worked on beading leather...

    Special needles for leather?
    Bead on felt and then mount it on the leather?

    Any help, suggestions or tips I would greatly appreciate!

    Thanks! Fishing Bear

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    I would not bead on belt leather...but would loom bead, bead on a softer leather and apply to belt, or bead on canvas and apply to belt or bead on felt as you stated. I have done several belt buckles and they can be fun to do. What type of dance clothing are you making? And I live in Arlington....13 miles from the beaches.
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      Are you making a buckle for a dance outfit or for everyday wera, like a "western" style buckle that is beaded? I have only done the second type in applique style. I use a heavy metal buckle blank and I bead on heavy paper or light cardboard. I just glue the finished beadwork to the metal buckle, there is no need to worry about the paper giving out because it is completely attached to steel, it holds up great. I then glye leather to the back and trim around the edge. Do a simple roll edge around the buckle and wha-la! Your buckle is done. See pic.
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        Here are two buckels I did. One where the edge is "edge Beaded" and the other is overlaying the edge.


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          Belt Buckle Beading

          I can't find a beaded buckle that I can afford, so I want to make my own...just to wear with a belt that I had made...

          Cheshire Cat, let's get together, I am in love with the turtle buckle already!

          My regalia is Mohawk, so no belt is needed. Only the crown is beaded so far, haven't gotten to the skirt or leggings...yet.


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            In order to make a buckle that can take some wear and tear, as many do, it's good to bead on braintanned buckskin. Draw the outline of the buckle on white paper. Draw your design, or a straight line to keep a geometric design straight. Tack to your buckskin, leaving an overhang. Bead your first row on the buckle outline. When you're all done, tear the paper away from the edge and trim the buckskin so there's an 1/8 inch overhang.

            If you're short on buckskin here's a great paper/canvas combo:

            Trace your buckle outline on white paper, and draw your design inside. Use white glue and glue it to a piece of canvas. Cut out along the buckle outline. Cover the edge with bias tape and hand stitch in place. Start your first row of edge beads about 1/8 inch away from the edge.

            I wouldn't use glue to attach it to the buckle blank, because if your buckle is on the floor and someone steps on it, it could snap off the little hook. Then you'll have to undo the edge beading and put in on a new buckle.

            This happened twice to my first nice buckle.
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