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    Okay. Ya'll did such a good job helping with the other question on here so I will ask you mine. I have been doing beadwork for a lady for 3 years now. Now her daughter-in-law is having me bead a drop for her. It is 36 inches long and 4 inches wide, but it is not straight down it is curvy and intricate. A lot of detail. She supplied all the beads, thread, and material to bead on. So for charge I was thicking between 125 and 150, but wasn't really sure. I have done pieces like this before, but never really think about how much to charge, they just paid me in payments and how much they could. So never did the end calculations in my head or even on paper.



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    Or double that!!

    I'm just thinking back to someone's (I think BB's) post about figuring your time by days.

    A reasonable figure would be $50/day, so if it would only take you 3 days - go for it. It would probably take me 6 whole days, so I would ask $300.

    I'm constantly having to change the amounts I charge people. I hate to charge a lot, but my time is very valuable to me. is what it is...


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      I know that some people charge by the square inch for pieces like that K Q Designs charges $4 for lazy stitch and $6 for applique stitch per sqaure inch. So that's another idea.
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        yup I agree with the others..about time, square inches etc..and the difficulty of the designs..etc...I am very cautious about doing orders too, because most people that I know want the estimated price?? hmm maybe we should ask paul to do a the pieces and prices etc etc..but maybe you should ask her, this is the price I am willing to quote but may change it later due to the project itself..etc..a clause kind of thing lol..but I am waiting on someone who wants their daughters outfit beaded..and I'll have to see..about the price to charge/materials/time/etc etc...its always a challenge..esp if you never beaded something like that or maybe some of the custom designers/beaders will reply.
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