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  • beaded mocs- market price

    Having recently looked into replacing my son's moccasins (fully beaded from Rosebud), and also a pair for myself, I was a little surprised how much the price had gone up. What went for $250 (3-4 years ago) is now $400, but I was told that is still a low market price. A friend of mine wants a Comanche pair made, which is mostly fields of colored beads, and nowhere as detailed as what I ordered for myself or my son. Can anyone share what they see as the market price for a custom set of beaded footware? They quoted him $350 for the Comanche mocs. Thanks!

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    I think those are overpriced. A plain pair of deer or elk without beads should start at $70, with beads $150 and up.


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      beaded mocs

      Do you know of a source that can produce fully beaded moccasins made to your foot tracing? All the sources I have found, so far, are selling them for more then $500-650, but those are gallery prices. Obviously, if you make them yourselves, this is all irrelavent, but I wonder how many people make custom sized, fully beaded moccasins for under $200. My buddy would love to get in touch with them.


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        Hi ,
        Have you thought of heading for the Trading post here on the site? There are always nice things for sale in there ,and there may be something in there about taking orders, id say take a look and see what you see.
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          d'pends on where you go and who makes them. You are paying for a name, like Nike!

          Unfortunately I am in that list of people who CANNOT make mocs for my life. I have 1 pair of dusters from ebay for $80 (no one else bid) and 1 pair of crow mocs from an 80 yr old lady for $150. both were over 5 yrs ago.

          so im guessing since they are 'from rosebud" that you are contacting thru a mission? Theres the mark up right there. Either that or you are getting had.

          But I would have no problem paying $400 for a nice pair of mocs made by someone who could use the money.
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            Thanks, BJJB..

            There is a local crafts gallery on the Rosebud, that is run by a distant relation of mine. They are pretty much the only outlet on the reservation for local artists making this kind of thing. For me, being able to get a pair of size 16 (yeah, I'm Sioux..) mocs in the colors and patterns that I want, in just over a weeks time (the maker does moccasins during the week and works at his job on the weekends) is worth paying for. Ditto for my 13 year old son's size 12's that they had on hand, for me to take with me. They are completely traditionally made, and although are not cut glass beads, will definitely be heirlooms for my family, for me kids, kids, assuming that day will come. I only posted this for my friend who is not related to the reseller, but has doubts. When he gets his in his hands, he may feel differently, which will be later this week, and I hope I don't have to help him pay for them, because the wait until you can get him a price question didn't exactly happen like I thought it would. He just took the foot tracings and went to work. You gotta love that kind of dedication. I needed mine by Friday, and she said they would go out, overnight today! Making a roadtrip to SD sure can produce results like visiting no other place. My Dad, my sisters, my brother, appreciated seeing my son and me too.
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              Making Moccasins

              This is an Art. If you have ever tried to make these, you will know that there is knowledge involved that is passed down threw the generations. I acquired the knowledge and there are tricks to the trade. You have to know about anatomy and how the foot is, you can't just cut out a u shape.

              For the one who said he orders his and the guy works from the outline of your foot. That man is very skilled who does the work for you and to get it within the weeks time...well thats is absolute tops. That man is worth every penny he charges you.

              Something to consider for those of you who might think that 400 a for a pair of all beaded mocs. I have been to Rosebud, the cost of living there is high, the gas prices are easily 10cent higher just on the reservation from the border towns. Even to get the supplies is high, I have been to the bead store, and they are charging $$ for the hanks of beading.

              If you think bout it if that man charged $400 for beaded mocassins he got done for you in a week ??? Well thats $400 divide by 40 hours (which I bet he put more into it) thats $10 a hour. Think about it!!!! Thats not bad. Now add in the artistry, thats really cheap if you think about it. It is talent that brings beauty to the beadwork , the color scheme the design.

              I will finish by letting you know, I'm not to old yet, in my 40's but I have slowed down considerably with my beading, cause my hands hurt these days. I have done alot of beading in my day and there is a price to pay physically for this. Somehow the money I got paid doesn't seem to compare to my health.
              But hey, we all gotta make a living.

              I say pay those people what they ask for it, and then be happy and dance hard!!!
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                OK, usually I make my own mocs, but just about 1.5 years ago I bought a pair of fully beaded Southern Cheyenne mocs for $350 (size 10.5 +/-). They're beaded on commercially tanned leather and have latigo soles, but the color and fit was right. I got my wife a similar pair (ladies size 6) for $225. Those prices are about average in Okla.... especially if you go through an NDN store. The store where I got mine also had a pair by the same person that was fully beaded on brain-tan w/ real hand-scraped rawhide soles for $700. Very nice, and if I'd had the cash I would've bought 'em in a second.

                Now if you're getting charged $350 for Comanche mocs, you're getting anally violated! You should be able to get a pair of dusters for less than $250, and that's even supposing the flaps and instep are dyed w/ earth pigments, the heel fringe is all twisted nice, the instep has cones instead of just fringe, and all the beadwork lanes are done in nothing larger than size 12 beads.... For just straight paint (or no paint), non-twisted fringe, no cones, and larger beads, you should be able to get a nice pair of Comanche mocs for $150-200!!!
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