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    I was wanting to get peoples opinion on a group of people getting together to put up a website to sell quality native American crafts and regalia. I dabble in bead work and regalia but not enough to warrant having my own site so I was wondering if there are any of you part time crafters such as myself that would be interested in such a site.

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    Originally posted by dnelly41 View Post
    I was wanting to get peoples opinion on a group of people getting together to put up a website to sell quality native American crafts and regalia. I dabble in bead work and regalia but not enough to warrant having my own site so I was wondering if there are any of you part time crafters such as myself that would be interested in such a site.
    make sure that any group or site online is owned/run by legit natives...theres alot of sites that appear native run but in fact arent...your idea is a very good one and im sure you wont have any problems finding people


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      If you only "dabble" as you say, then you shouldn't be making that much stuff. If your stuff is really good you shouldn't have any trouble at all selling it without a website. I can never have a surplus of things to just sell because my list of custom orders is longer than my arm, and I do not advertise at all. Now a web site to show off good beadwork, that is something else. The galleries on here are good, but you have to weed through a lot of crap to find the good stuff and it takes forever to load, even with DSL. Hhhmmm.....maybe I should start one of those sites up? Would be great to go and look at REALLY good stuff all in one place.


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        Hey THAT'S a good idea. I love looking at good beadwork to get inspired after getting beader's block.

        I usually search on ebay or google images for pics. It is frustrating to look through a lot of so-so or crappy stuff before hitting an image of a really good piece. is what it is...


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          no kidding... it would be nice to even go somewhere to just look at really good beadwork and not really have to weed it out. Hopefully this website owner could do that.

          no minnetonka mocs or strung macaroni on a string. :)
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            yeah that would be good idea..and i would be interested but I don't make too much for sale..forever beading but maybe some here n there..would be nice.
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              You know what else would be fun, a web site with Minetonka mocs and pasta necklaces, and all the other truely repulsive garbage that is out there. Sometimes I get the biggest laugh from looking through ebay. Ever do a search for "sacred + cherokee" Oh, you get some real great stuff!

              A juried gallery of beadwork really is a good idea though. If I knew how to do that I would gladly pay for a site to show off pics.


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                well that is why i started this thread because I am trying to find people who value great bead work and other crafts it doesn't have to stop there. I would love to see example of great quill work to. Which sadly seems to be becoming a thing of the past. So much is about quantity not quality anymore. What ever happened to tradition and quality artwork? I hope that someday soon someone cares enough to stop and really put tradition back into what they are crafting.


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                  Hate to tell you this...but quillwork is NOT dieing out. It is very much alive in this country and in Czeckoslovakia and Germany. Many people are doing it and doing a great job. There are several web sites that show good quillwork. Do a google search.


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                    Originally posted by dnelly41 View Post
                    native American crafts and regalia.

                    dnelly keyword American Indian, the above post tells me that most of the foreign counties are not of American Indian descent, so what are you asking dnelly made by American Indians or non natives or non natives advertising as American Indians? the website sites posted by another person in here gave out 2 American Indian websites but also gave you non native websites (they aren't claiming American Indian) but do good work, and probably a few non natives claiming American Indian have to do your research....we have alot of non natives that are playing Indian for their personal gain in this site, you can tell when they brag about their work.......


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                      no need to get hostile with me. Maybe its just were I come from but in the past couple of years I have seen an influx of made in china bead work that has been circulating the powwow trail by people claiming that it is Native American made, that is all. I certainly haven't seen much quill work in the area either. Those sites that were posted in the thread were defiantly great sites and I was not trying to be rude so please try not to be rude in return.


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                        Do not think the post was really aimed at you but more in a backhand way to me. I was just tyring to answer your questions and give you some more information. There are some great Native quillworkers and others who are very skilled in quills and beads. Here are a couple of sites you may find interesting.
                        This one is in Europe and shows some very nice items.

                        These are in the US and Canada. These same to have the same web address but ead is different...on the first wipata..just follow the different links...
                        Ancient Artways Studio Conservation and Restoration


                        Wanaunsapi Tiyospaye IndianTipi Camp
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                          Those were some great sites. Thank you for sharing those with me.


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                            Unfortunately there is much fraud in the Native arts and
                            crafts. If you are trying to hire a real Native American or buy Native
                            arts and crafts, make sure they are properly represented. By
                            government definition, an Indian is defined as a member of a
                            federally or officially State recognized tribe. As a member we are
                            given a Tribal card . There are cards that can be bought online that
                            are not official tribal cards, these will not have issued by a specific
                            tribe written on them. Please help us keep fraud out of Native
                            America. If you feel you know of falsely identified "Natives" arts and
                            or crafts, to learn more about the Indians arts and craft
                            act of 1990

                            Department of the Interior Indian Arts and Crafts Board


                            Join the online community forum celebrating Native American Culture, Pow Wows, tribes, music, art, and history.

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