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    I need some help! I want to bead a pair of leggings, this will be my first time doing it, usually I just have applique leggings. Well what is the best material to bead on that will make them stiff!? And how do I get them in the cowboy boot shape!?

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    Use a paper bag or other large paper to make a pattern. Figure out high you want them to be, how they will be attached (ties, velcro, zipper, or just sewn together so they're slip-on), and how big around they should be. Wrap the paper around and start fresh with new paper if you need to. If you're using velcro, be sure to include the overlap. Fold in half and draw some a nice curve for your "cowboy boot" top, and cut folded so it's nice and even.

    I would suggest canvas to bead on. Or other thick fabric - even denim. Use Elmer's glue or WonderUnder and fix it to the stiffener which can be anything from paper bag paper to interfacing to rubberized crib pad. If it's your first one, I would just use brown paper bag. Cut the paper (or other stiffener) out exactly as your pattern is. Cut the canvas a little bit bigger.

    Glue the two pieces together (or use WonderUnder), then trim the canvas exact to the stiffener and cover the edges with bias tape. A coordinating color would be cool. Then you don't have to edge bead it. If you don't have bias tape, you can just fold the edges of the canvas over and glue it in place.

    Bead it , add a backing and you're good to go!

    Good luck! is what it is...


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