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  • seed beading question

    I want to bead 2 sets of drops and harness's for my boys outfits but not sure how wide i should measure for these items... thus how many beads across and how many rows etc..

    So i guess my questions would be how do i measure?
    is there a standard measurement in width?
    once beaded would i then sew them onto some hide?
    Should they be one piece or separate?
    how would they be attached if separate?

    they boys are 1 and 7 (see my photo album if need be) but i want something they will grow into

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    I would say measure their heads and hake them a few inches bigger then the measurement and sew it on the hide and make the hide at the end kinde long so no matter how big your sons heads get you can still tie it up.


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      Make the harnesses a little bit on the long side (maybe to the knee) so that as the boys grow taller, they can still use them. Make each side a separate piece and attach them to a cloth neckband. Put the two ends of the beaded strips closer together and then as they grow and more length is needed, just replace the neckband with a longer one. You can also extend the length of the harness by adding rosettes or mirrors or something to the top of the beadwork on each side.

      As far as measurements, there is no standard. Just make the beadwork slightly longer and slightly wider than what will look good now, so they have some growing room. And yes, I would back your beadwork with something. Canvas covered with cotton is a good choice since its breathable and lighter in weight than leather.


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        I have done several of these sets for both adults and boys. Width should be 2.5-3.5" for an adult, boys could go as small as 2" unless they are real little like under 8. I would go with the 2.5-3 range, make them long and let them grow into them. measure from about 2-3" below the top of the shoulder and go at least to the knees. When you say "drops" do you mean side drops? These can be the same width as the harnesses or a little wider. I would not mount them to leather. If you are making them on a loom and you use strong thread it will not need a backing and it hangs better that way. You could back with a thin cotton cloth though. Sew a cloth neck strap about 3-4 inches down the top of the harnesses and let the rest hang. Same with the side drops but maybe just 2-3" of sewing is needed.
        Here are some pics.
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            okay this site is sooo great you've all been soo helpful thank you

            oh wait one more question.

            how do the side drops hang on the belt? sewn on or velcro? or looped ?


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              You can do the side drops any of those ways. I have also seen them with very long ties that tie seperately or together around the waist seperate from the actual belt.


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