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  • Coin Purse???

    I have a question for all you more experienced beaders out there:

    When beading a coin purse how do you make it so the beads in the middle, or bottom of the purse don't "split when it's all put together? Does that make sense?

    Like when you bead it flat then bend it or fold it to the shape of the purse, how do you keep the beads from spacing way out there on the bottom?

    Thanks for any help...

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    Hi there, I know just what you mean, with the old Wampum Stitch that never happens, in fact you can mae a complete purse with sides and all just beaded and it stays in the shape you make it!
    If only there were a spot where I could do the teachings of this for all of you!
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      Maybe when you have time you can start a tutorial for us on the Wampum Stitch....I do not think there is one out there. Just a suggestion.


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        What you do is bead your sides first. Then fold it to shape and bead the fold. I usually fold it, then let it relax a little and bead it like that. You want it to be opened a little without the beads popping up. is what it is...


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          if you are making one of those "oval" shaped coin purses .... the kind that are beaded cicles or ovals then folded in half and a zipper sewn along the edges to close the coin purse ....

          bead length wide in the oval when its flat ... that way when you are finished beading ... and go to fold it in half to finish it ... there is no space between the bead lines when the its folded. if you bead it width wise ... when you go to fold it ... the space between the bead lines will be accentuated
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